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Everclear Out Of Portland, Oregon

Art Alexakis was raised primarily in Los Angeles, and once his father left the family, the unnatural thing for a poverty-stricken, angry young man to do became easily attainable: drugs. It wasn’t until Art nearly died of a cocaine overdose that he woke up and decided to use his talents and lessons for the good. With the news that he would soon become a father, Art and his girlfriend sought refuge from the mean LA streets in Portland, Oregon. From there, the band Everclear was born.

By July of 2009, all of the original band members, save for Alexakis, had left the band. With Art as the driving force behind the powerful lyrics, tone, and lead vocals of the group, however, the new Everclear is just as concisely riveting as the old one was. This year’s launch will be the first tour that Everclear has known since November of 2008, when they toured Iraq, performing in support of the troops fighting the war there.

In March of 2009, Art went out on his own for a while, performing solo and acoustic at a chain of Hard Rock Cafes across the country. The announcement of the bands new album debut was made during this single stint of Art’s. The Tulsa State Fair will be the first American venue to have a piece of Everclear’s North American limited tour, and this is to take place on October 3rd.

Tickets for all of the venues across America, with the exception of Toronto and Philadelphia which begin sales on September 11, will be placed up for grabs starting on the 2nd of September. For future up-to-the-minute news and Everclear tickets, please feel free to visit, your online source for all that rocks, wriggles, moves, and shakes.

Is It Just Me, Or Does The World Need A Little KISS?

Has it really been 35 years? You might have a hard time passing that by KISS’ prepubescent fan mobs, but these 4 guys really have been rocking the pants off of us for three and a half decades! The tour had been quipped “Alive 35”, and is set to deck out, make-up, rock on, and kick off in Detroit on September 25th.

Back in April of ‘09, the band announced that they would allow their fans, through open online polls, to decide where they would play out a new North American tour. Based on concentration of numbers, the band said that they would even play in corn fields if that’s what we wanted. Somehow, I can’t see Cornstalk hitting it off as well as Woodstock did, but we would have taken it.

Buckcherry is the scheduled warmer for the late leg of this 2009 tour, which will span from New York to Georgia, California to Canada, and just about everywhere in between. Since the humble formation of KISS in 1973, this band has revolutionized the way that the world receives and reacts to rock n’ roll music, guy-liner, blatant innuendos, and full on funky glitz. These guys know how to transform any room, whether in person or through the millions of posters pegged on walls the world over.

Ten weeks from the September 25th and 26th dates set for Cobo Arena, the tour will wind down for the year, with the promise of a 2010 chock full of live KISS performances around the world. If the wait has already been to much for you to take, tickets are on sale now for the first shows. For Kiss tickets, information, a full schedule of performances and venues, and to order conveniently and securely online, visit

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Plenty Of Twists In The New Season of Dancing With The Stars – And Not Just In The Dance Numbers

While to some it may feel as if the last season of Dancing with the Stars just ended, for avid fans it feels like it’s been forever since they’ve been able to watch a new episode.  Though the show is about to enter its 9th season, it’s still able to dish out unexpected surprises, both in the cast and in the competition itself.

One major surprise that the show announced was the addition of its first politician to the cast. Tom DeLay, a former congressman, will make his dancing debut on the show’s September 21st episode. Formerly known as “The Hammer” because of the way he dealt with his political opponents, fans will now get to see if he’s able to hammer out the dance routines as well.

Another major announcement for the cast included the addition of Chuck Liddel, a well-known fighter in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). Joining him will be Aaron Carter (Backstreet Boys), Macy Gray (singer), Kathy Ireland (supermodel), Michael Irvin (former receiver for the Dallas Cowboys), Mya (singer), Mark Sacoscos (actor, martial artist, Chairman of Iron Chefs of America), Donny Osmond, and Kelly Osbourne, among others. Samantha Harris will be returning as the show’s co-host, and the panel of judges will include Len Goodman, Carrie Ann Inaba, and Bruno Tonioli.

In addition to announcing the newest members of their cast, they’ve also added a twist to the show as well.  Tom Bergeron, the show’s host, announced that in the 9th season the show will also have double eliminations take place during the middle of the season. One thing’s for certain, with the current cast and changes, the show is sure to be anything but boring. While the show will continue to be broadcast, any “Dancing” fans that would like to watch this “ballroom bloodbath” live can purchase Dancing With The Stars tickets to this star-studded event at

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A Jam Good Time – Pearl Jam Set To Go Out On Tour

Pearl Jam’s popularity peak probably came during the early 90’s, when they were a major player in the grunge scene. Ask fans of that music style who were the big players at the time, and Pearl Jam is sure to come across their lips, either before or after Nirvana.

This tour is following the release of their newest studio album, entitled Backspacer. Little known fact – this album was named after the 375-kilogram female sea turtle that the band sponsored in an April event called the Great Turtle Race. For those that are curious, Backswimmer came in first place. This will be the ninth studio album that the band has released since it first debuted with the album “Ten” in 1991.

Since coming onto the scene in the 90s, music isn’t the only arena the band has been busy in. They joined other performers in the Vote for Change concerts that were held leading up to the elections in 2004, raised money for those that were affected by Katrina, and were fighting against the control and commercialism of the recording industry while making a name for themselves when they first started out. All of that, and they still managed to become one of the most in-demand grunge rock bands of their time. Not to mention that despite being on the music scene for 18 years, they’re still making records and sending fans across the globe into a frenzy with their recent tour. That’s quite a feat, given how fickle the industry can be.

The band will start the North American leg of its tour on August 21st in Toronto, Ontario and travels all across the US before playing its last show on the continent in the Wachovia Spectrum Arena in Philadelphia, PA on October 31st.  Get your Pearl Jam Tickets for these shows are already available. Fans that are able to catch the earlier shows will get a sneak peek at the album’s tracks, since it’s not slated to be released until September 20th.

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Michael Jackson – Not The Tour We Were Hoping For

The sudden and perplexing death of Michael Jackson on June 25th, 2009 marked a day that would forever change the world of music. With his concert tour “This Is It” in full-fledged preparation for launch just three days later in London, the shock and instant outpouring of love and sadness created a frenzied storm for his music, his posters, books, pictures, home videos, and really anything else that the world could clasp onto now that he would never dance or sing for them again.

The Michael Jackson Memorabilia Tour will also commence in London, and under the same management firm who was to pull off Jackson’s final concert tour. There are three venues set for the tour to date, though the only one officially announced to the public is the first London exhibition. Here, fans and his beloved public will be closer than they ever thought possible to Michael Jackson, one more time.

Though the contents of the tour have not yet been announced to the public, there are a reported 3 warehouses full of concert props, personal effects, and collections for the executors and promoters to choose from. The tour is sure to be an all out success, and is slated for launch around the October debut of the film that is being comprised of Michael Jackson’s final rehearsal and preparation days for “This Is It.”

AEG is the leading promoter to the Jackson legacy, and it seems that they will remain involved no matter how Jackson’s family feels about it. We can only hope that the Michael Jackson Memorabilia Tour will make its way over to America before it’s all over. For updates on the whereabouts and destination schedules of this event and the movie release as they develop, visit

Brand New Set To Kick Off Its Tour In October

In celebration of the release of its upcoming album, entitled ‘Daisy’, the punk band Brand New has decided to do a promotional tour that lasts over a month. In addition to being able to enjoy the new music featured on ‘Daisy’, fans will also get to listen to song sets from the three opening acts that have been booked to appear on different points throughout the tour. Manchester Orchestra will join the band up through October 23rd, after which Thrice picks up until November 14th, and Glassjaw picks up on November 15th   to close out the final portion of the tour.

The album, scheduled for release on September 22nd, follows up the band’s release “The Devil and God are Raging Inside of Me.” This album debuted at the 31st spot after its release in November of 2006.

Instead of going with the usual sound and recording something that fans would expect to hear on an album, the band decided to explore another direction. According to Jesse Lacey, Brand New’s frontman, “We were thinking a lot more about what we’d want to play when we were up onstage rather than actually what you’d want to hear on a record.” What exactly does this mean for fans of Brand New? It means that in order to experience the album the way the band wants it to be, you have to hear them play it live.

The band will kick off its newest tour on October 1st in Cleveland, OH’s Time Warner Cable Amphitheater, and finish its 40-date trek across the US and Canada in Uniondale, NY’s Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. While most of the concerts will be a one night event, the band has added multiple-night engagements at a handful of venues to give fans a second chance at catching this once-in-a-lifetime show. Brand New tickets are already on sale for the general public, so get yours while you still can.

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A Fond Farwell – A Tribute Concert Fit For The King Of Pop

Once home to Emperor Franz Joseph, Vienna’s breathtaking Shoenbrunn Palace will once again play a part in history, only this time it will be a part of music history. This majestic building has been chosen as the backdrop to what organizers are calling a “global” farewell tribute to Michael Jackson.

The tribute to this legendary performer will be nothing less than, well, legendary. When asked to comment about the upcoming event, World Awards Media GmbH, the promoter, said: 

“For one incredible night Michael Jackson’s unforgettable music will be brought to life again. Some of the world’s leading artists will perform Michael’s greatest hits live in Vienna in front of one of the most fascinating historical sites in Europe and celebrate the life of the ‘King of Pop’.”

While the event’s organizers wouldn’t confirm rumors that U2, Madonna, Lionel Richie, and Whitney Houston would be performing at some point during the tribute, they would confirm that Michael’s brother Jermaine Jackson and other members of the family would be performing some of his hits.

The exact date of this event has not been announced, but World Awards Media chief Georg Kindel did say that the event is set to be held during the first part of September. While the venue the tribute event will be held in has enough space room to accommodate up to 85,000, there turn out is expected to spill out across the city. In order to allow all of the fans to enjoy the event, giant screens will be set up in parks throughout Vienna.

Fans that purchase tickets to this musical milestone will get double the satisfaction from their purchase. Not only will they be able to band together with fans and admirers alike to bid a final farewell to the King of Pop, but a portion of the proceeds from the concert are going to the Larry King Cardiac Foundation. This foundation is set up to help patients that need heart surgery but are unable to afford it.

Visit and search Michael Jackson for more information.

Music Is Serious Business – Steve Martin Touring To Promote His First All-Music Album

Though more commonly known for his comedy style and witty stage banter, Steve Martin will be hitting the road this fall to promote a more serious album featuring his bluegrass banjo music. This album, entitled “The Crow: New Songs for the Five-String Banjo,” hit stores just a few months ago, on May 19th. This album was originally released as an exclusive on January 27th before being released in stores.

This self-taught musician has played the banjo since his early teens, and is well-known for combining his comedy and music together. Though he has previously released albums featuring this blended style, “The Crow” is going to be an all-music album – the first of its kind for Martin. He also made his music debut at Nashville, TN’s famous Grand Ole Opry earlier this year, on May 30th.

Steve Martin will be kicking his tour off on September 9th in Nashville, TN with a performance at the Grammy Salute to Country Music. The tour consists of just over 20 headline performances and special appearances, and finishes up on November 3rd at the Benaroya Hall in Seattle, WA. This month-long tour will take Martin from coast to coast in the U.S., so fans on both sides of the continent will have a chance to attend one of these landmark performances.

Martin won’t be sticking strictly to stage concerts, however. In addition to his regular performances, he’s also featured as a musical act in several of the upcoming U.S. festivals. The most notable of these performances will be at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival on October 3rd in San Francisco, California.

Whether you’re a fan of Steve Martin, bluegrass banjo music, or both, this is one tour you won’t want to miss. Anyone that’s eager to be a part of Steve Martin history by attending his first-ever all-music concert can grab their Steve Martin tickets from

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Say Anything Celebrating The Release Of Its Fourth Album With A Month-Long Tour

In celebration of the release of its fourth album, a self-entitled project due for release on October 13th, the pop punk band Say Anything has announced it will begin a 31-date tour of North America. The band will be kicking off the day after its album’s release in Anaheim, CA’s House of Blues, and finish with a gig at the Troubadour in their hometown of Los Angeles, CA on November 22nd.

During their month-long tour, Say Anything is set to travel from coast to coast in order to give fans across the continent a chance to attend one of their concerts. They won’t be alone during this venture; the indie rock band Eisley and the Canadian rock group Moneen will be joining them on each performance. Miniature Tigers and Moving Mountains will be joining them on select dates as well, but will not be featured on all dates.

This album is the follow up to the “In Defense of the Genre”, which was released in October of 2007 and received mostly high marks from critics. The album also peaked at number 27 on the Billboard 200 and earned Say Anything its first-ever position on that list.

When asked about the upcoming album, Say Anything frontman Max Bernis said “My opinion is that it literally defines everything about the band we’ve built so far.” He went on to say that “If you like us or love us from the bottom of your heart, be excited.”

Fans that are as excited as the band is about the release of the upcoming album should keep an eye on the ticket counters. You can purchase Say Anything tickets at – there is only a limited supply available so the tickets will go fast!  All of the tour dates and locations have already been announced, so check to see when the band is coming to a city near you.

AeroForce 1 Experiences Turbulance, But Tour Expected To Continue

A small stint of bad luck seems to have struck the band Aerosmith during their show on August 5th in the famous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in SD. Never one to let a technical glitch keep them from putting on a stellar performance, when infamous Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler noticed the sound system had failed in the middle of their song “Love in an Elevator,” he began to dance around on the catwalk in order to keep the crowd entertained. Unfortunately, Tyler’s entertaining antics came to an end when he fell backwards off of the catwalk and into the crowd. He was immediately taken to the hospital, where he continued to remain in good spirits.

When asked about Tyler’s accident and current condition, Mike Sanborn of the Buffalo Chip Campground said that “He was good natured about it. He was talking and joking with the physician.” Guitarist Joe Perry later tweeted about the incident, stating that though there was no concussion Steven did break his shoulder and required stitches in his head and back. While there’s no word yet on when the band will be able to resume the Canadian string of their tour, there are no plans of canceling either. As of the last update, the shows in Winnipeg, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver were simply postponed. The rescheduled dates for that leg of the tour will be announced as soon as possible.

It’s been two years since Aerosmith last toured, and 8 years since they last released an all-original studio album, so fans of the band have been scrambling to snatch up tickets. The tour, which was originally set to conclude on September 16th in Detroit, MI’s Palace of Auburn Hills, still has a very limited supply of Aerosmith tickets left for both Canadian and American concerts that are to take place in September.

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