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College Football Bowl Games in Full Swing

With the holiday season imminent, college football fans also know that their favorite college teams are preparing for their respective bowl games. While a few bowl games have already been played including the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas, the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl, Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, Gildan New Mexico Bowl, San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia and Beef ‘O’ Brady Bowl St. Petersburg, there are still 28 more bowl games to come. These games will take place from Christmas Eve through January 6th.

Of course, all of these games will culminate in the Discover BCS National Championship featuring No. 1 Notre Dame versus No. 2 Alabama. These two teams are steeped in college football tradition. They both have some of the most storied football history with several epic games. This is Notre Dame’s first chance at a national championship since 1988. The Crimson Tide on the other hand is after their third national title in the last four seasons. Needless to say, this game is going to be a nail biter for college football fans.

Some of the other must see bowl games include the AT&T Cotton Bowl featuring No. 9 Texas A&M with Johnny Manzielle (or “Johnny Football” as A&M fans call him) against Oklahoma State. The game will take place in Cowboy Stadium, aka Jerry’s World, and is billed as one of the most entertaining bowl games this season that is guaranteed to be an offensive shootout.

Another top game to see will be the famous Tostitos Fiesta Bowl with No. 4 Oregon versus No. 5 Kansas State. Some believe this will be the best game outside of the national championship game. Just two months ago, these teams were thought to be the two in the national championship game, but losses along the way changed the bowl game lineup.

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Who Will Your Favorite College Team Be Watching Out For This Week?

The Big Ten are in for yet another enormously important November. As with each and every season that has come to pass, the games played during this month are pivotal, difficult, gut-wrenching, and they tend to determine who is destined for greatness. Division champions will be decided, with conference play turning things up to a whole other degree or fierce. By the time the Rose Bowl rolls around, anything and everything could change.

We’ve got a Penn State team this year who is currently at an 8-1 record, but there seems to be some questions as to whether they have even been challenged properly thus far. One loss after 9 games is usually considered a pretty great start, but critics and experts seem to be under the impression that Penn State may crumble under the pressure and weight of a real challenge. We shall see soon enough, as the Ohio State Buckeyes take them on for game ten next week.

Can anybody say Duke? Well, you might want to get used to that name, and seeing these guys for a while, because they have become the ACC Coastal team to beat this season thus far, showing complete control and an utter drive which guarantees them a running toward conference finals. Georgia Tech is also pretty pumped up and raring to go this year, with one more game standing between them and Duke. Funny world.

The Iowa Hawkeyes made a huge impression on everybody Halloween day, as they were pummeled up until the end of the third quarter and looked to be falling quickly from grace. Enter: Ricky Stanzi. Never during this generation has a fourth quarter been so exhilarating, so dynamic, so inspirational, and so victorious as the one that these guys rallied for. Here’s to hoping for a little bit more of that heart and determination in the coming month.

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The Thrill of Competition and Old Vendettas

College football, even more so than any of the other college sports, and probably any American sport played in the public eye, is famous for its rivalries. There are two things that make the ideal rivalry come to light, the first of which is the acknowledgement of both parties. One team can fear, respect, detest, or wish to gain revenge against another, but if the feeling is not mutual, there is no rivalry, merely a one sided battle to prove moxie. The true rivalry is born of a solid, mutual tradition of head-butting, tooth-grinding, sod-chewing, sweat-inducing, painstaking Competition. Yeah, that’s what we love.

The next determining factor in the true college football rivalry has to do with past situations, events, catastrophic miracles, and, of course, myths and superstitions. Any or all of these factors spark a certain long-lived and increasingly heated battle cry from one party to the next, only to be returned just as fiercely by the intended opponent. We really love this, too. One with something to prove, one with something to protect, no matter the current record, standings, stats, or odds. This is truly something to see.

In these ways, rivalry games tend to have little or nothing to do with how well a team is playing during that, or any season. An 0-6 team who never fills one side of their home stadium can easily pack the stands when game 7 is against the detested rival. Some of the famous rivalry games yet to play out this season in college football include:

Texas vs Oklahoma
Michigan vs Ohio State
Florida vs Georgia

Texas vs Texas A&M
USC vs Notre Dame
LSU vs Florida
Oklahoma vs OK State
Alabama vs Auburn
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