See the Phantom of the Opera, the Longest Running Musical on Broadway

When most people think of Broadway, The Phantom of the Opera is one of the shows that come to mind. It’s a show synonymous with musical theater in NYC, and most people have a good idea of the story and they know all of the wonderful songs. The tale, for those who do not know, follows the Phantom. This enigmatic figure lives below the Paris Opera House, where he hides from the world because of his appearance. The story opened in October of 1986 and has been running in NYC since, making it Broadway’s most enduring musical ever. In addition to being the longest running, it also holds the honor of being the most successful financially.

The Tony Award-winning musical has a beautiful and haunting musical score from Andrew Lloyd Weber and Charles Hart. Some of the most popular songs from the show include “The Phantom of the Opera”, “Prima Donna”, “Masquerade”, “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again”, and “Point of No Return”. One of the other things that attuned attendees might notice is that the orchestra is larger than what most musicals have. They have a 28-piece orchestra, which is perfect for the style of music in the show.

Even though Broadway and the Majestic Theatre is the home of the Phantom, that doesn’t mean it is the only place to see the show. It is also possible to catch one of the dates on the U.S. tour. Check them out in Boston, Chicago, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and more. The tour brings wonderful theater to corners of the country that might not have quite as robust a selection as Broadway can offer.

If you love musical theater and you’ve never seen The Phantom of the Opera, it is high time you remedied that! Even if you’ve seen the show a dozen times, it’s always a great time with some incredible songs and performances. Take family and friends, or even catch a show on your own. It will mesmerize you! Look for a tour date near you and buy some tickets today. It’s a perfect time to treat you and your family to a dinner and a show.

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