The Wiggles are on Their Way

The Wiggles are still one of the most popular children’s acts in the world, and this Australia-based group is touring once again. They’ve been entertaining children for more than two decades now, something that few acts of any type can boast. The group is not one to shy away from making changes either. They want their fans to feel entertained no matter how many times they might have watched their DVDs or seen them live. With their brand new Taking Off tour, they are doing just that.

If your kids love the Wiggles, or if they’ve never even seen them, this show will be a surefire winner. The show promises to be quite a bit of fun, and all of the great characters will be there. The kids will enjoy seeing Wags the Dog, Dorothy the Dinosaur, and all of the other great characters they know and love.

What are they doing to make things a bit different though? For starters, this tour will feature a brand new team of Wiggles, including the first female Wiggle, Emma. She is the Yellow Wiggle and is sure to be a hit with all of the kids out there. The new team is sure to infuse the show with even more energy, something that is vital to any Wiggles concert.

The Wiggles also have a new CD out, naturally. It might be something you want to pick up before the shows so you get to hear some of the new material. They will be performing some of the old favorites that everyone knows, but they will certainly be playing quite a bit of new material from their Taking Off album too. They are already out on tour in the United States.

If you want to give the little ones in your family a real treat, then you will certainly want to look into getting some Wiggles tickets. Mom and Dad will have just as much fun as the youngsters do! You will want to buy your tickets soon though, because these concerts tend to sell out rather quickly. Your kids will have a wonderful time and will remember this concert fondly for the rest of their lives.

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