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Everclear Out Of Portland, Oregon

Art Alexakis was raised primarily in Los Angeles, and once his father left the family, the unnatural thing for a poverty-stricken, angry young man to do became easily attainable: drugs. It wasn’t until Art nearly died of a cocaine overdose that he woke up and decided to use his talents and lessons for the good. With the news that he would soon become a father, Art and his girlfriend sought refuge from the mean LA streets in Portland, Oregon. From there, the band Everclear was born.

By July of 2009, all of the original band members, save for Alexakis, had left the band. With Art as the driving force behind the powerful lyrics, tone, and lead vocals of the group, however, the new Everclear is just as concisely riveting as the old one was. This year’s launch will be the first tour that Everclear has known since November of 2008, when they toured Iraq, performing in support of the troops fighting the war there.

In March of 2009, Art went out on his own for a while, performing solo and acoustic at a chain of Hard Rock Cafes across the country. The announcement of the bands new album debut was made during this single stint of Art’s. The Tulsa State Fair will be the first American venue to have a piece of Everclear’s North American limited tour, and this is to take place on October 3rd.

Tickets for all of the venues across America, with the exception of Toronto and Philadelphia which begin sales on September 11, will be placed up for grabs starting on the 2nd of September. For future up-to-the-minute news and Everclear tickets, please feel free to visit, your online source for all that rocks, wriggles, moves, and shakes.

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