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Has The US Open Entered A Time Warp?

It’s been building up inside of us for a long time. We’ve been as patient as mere mortal fans can possibly be. We have watched faithfully and enthusiastically as the tournaments leading to this year’s grand slam weeded out the ranked players in an almost perfect pattern, top to bottom in nearly the same number as each was ranked before we begun the season. 1972 was the last time that all of the top ranked players actually made the cut in succession, and here we go again.

So, what does this mean for we lowly spectators? It means that we will enjoy the top ranked players in the world vie against each other in the top championship of the world, just as we do each year, but with a twist. Each year, the US Open allows the 44 men and 44 women to earn a spot of play. This year, of those 88 men and women, only a handful are unexpected flops or surprise contenders. Everybody is in their rightful place. How bizarre.

While the number 1 battled it out against the number 2, the number 3 duked it out against the number 4, and so on and so forth. Like a fine dance practiced and hewn, the end result of the tournaments leading to this year’s US Open are miraculous, exciting, and bound to not repeat themselves for at least another 37 years. Some things you just can’t script or plan, so why bother beating it with a stick? Just get there and see it unwind for yourself!

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