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The 360 Tour: U2

The 360 Tour is a world event, and one of the largest to hit these lucky venues in years. With the North American leg of the tour upon us, dates and schedules have been a bit lose and unorganized of late, but this band is not into disappointing their fans, so be sure that you are ready when these four Irish lads hit a stage near you. Promoting the No Line on the Horizon album is a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.

This tour differs dramatically from the concerts that U2 have put together for fans in the past. The 360 quip is actually taken from the way in which this tour is designed, placing the band on a center, round stage for better exposure to the audience. There are more front row seats available with this configuration, and all standing room is closer than that of the typical front facing venue.

Rumors that this worldwide tour has yet to turn a profit don’t seem to be killing U2’s spirits or performances, and thus far, the concerts have gone off without a hitch. Sold out arenas and millions of merchandise sales call to question these reports, and yet the show reportedly costs more to set up, perform, and dismantle than the band pulls in each night.

Tour dates have been extended for the American leg of the tour, and the band will be performing here between September 12th and October 28th. The tour will head over to Canada for two shows before landing and a long rest. U2 will also be back in America during June and July of 2010 for more performances. Be sure to stay updated and informed about all of your favorite events, and for secure U2 tickets visit

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