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The Tim McGraw Tour Extends To 2010

The final tour date for the 2009 calendar year happens on November 12th at the San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino in Highland, California. After this, Tim takes a long deserved break to be the family man that he is at heart before taking back to the road beginning in April of 2010. Tim McGraw and fellow country music superstar wife Faith Hill have been married since 1996, when their first tour together ended. During that tour, Faith Hill was the opening act for an up-and-coming Tim, but this is when everything changed in both of their worlds.

Falling in love and getting married turned out to be just the first two blessings for these star struck lovers. The arrival of their first baby girl would be the next beautiful surprise for the couple, and they would follow this up with their first smash duet, Let’s Make Love. Faith beginning a predestined path toward individual stardom in her own right, Tim McGraw was far from finished capturing his signature sound and captivating his soon to be mega fan following.

By 2000, Tim had planted his sound and his style firmly in the fabric of the radio waves. Every single hit that he produced went straight from the country charts top fives to the pop charts top tens, and this pattern continues to follow him to this very day. Tim McGraw also went out on a limb after his 2002 tour, heading back into the studio to record an album with his tour band, the Dancehall Doctors. This move turned out very well for everyone involved, and two consecutive smash albums have been created in the same fashion.

Tulsa, Oklahoma will see the first of Tim McGraw live in April of 2010, as he heads form there to Ohio, Georgia, California, and then Indiana. Please stay tuned to for current updates and news.

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