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Metrodome Collapse

With the Vikings and Giants game being moved to Detroit, we’re wondering how the play of each team will be impacted.  The video of the collapse is something to see…

Stomped By The Giants: The Bucs Fighting For Air

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers just couldn’t hold it together on Sunday against Eli Manning and his New York Giants. And talk about unraveling lawn chairs, this team wasn’t able to rally for more than 5 first downs throughout the entire time of play. While the passing and running games dug in and took control of the field in the Giants direction, the Buccaneers struggled with some of even the most basic fundamentals of football. With the Bucs head coach, Raheem Morris, quipping the game and his teams’ effort as “completely disastrous”, one wonders what went on in that post-game locker room.

The Buccaneers did set a new record for their team franchise this past week, that of the fewest first downs ever created during a regulation game. As the Giants prepare for their next bidding against the Kansas City Chiefs, they will be spit-polishing the shine from this momentous game and applying to their daily preparations.

The Buccaneers, however, will be back to the drawing board, starting fresh, and trying to figure out what went wrong before they head off into combat against the Washington Redskins. Let us hope that they are armed this time. Perhaps on the plus side for the Bucs, the Redskins are also coming off of a defeat, though not nearly as harsh or disheartening as their own.

Eli Manning passed for 161 yards and threw two touchdown passes to the lock the game down at 24-0 Giants. With a little help from his running back friends, the Manning-led offense managed to carry 40 times against the Bucs’ struggling defense. Giants coach Tom Coughlin is impressed with his teams’ turn about last Sunday, stating that many of the things they had struggled with had been addressed and were now ticking more smoothly on the field of play.

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