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Katy Perry Slams High School Crush At Concert!

This all happened at Katy’s high school, Dos Pueblos, near Santa Barbara, CA. Katy Perry burned her high school crush at the concert who “never wanted to date” her after seeing him in the front row.

“Is that Shane Lopes?” she asked the crowd at Dos Pueblos High School. “You were the most popular kid in my class. But you never wanted to date me…”

Katy continued with look who’s “most popular” now and then dedicated the next song to him: Ur So Gay. This is hilarious because so many people can associate with being ignored by someone back in the day. Oh how it would be great to have the star-power Katy has! Click the screen below to see the video!

Katy has an album that is planned to release in 2011 called Teenage Dream. Check out this link when the Katy Perry tickets are released for her upcoming 2011 tour.

If you have any similar experiences you want to share with us because we all have them; 🙂 just leave it in the comment section below! Hope to hear from you’ll!

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