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The Book Of Mormon Shocks And Surprises

It would surprise no one to hear that Trey Parker and Matt Stone (the creators of South Park) have done something shocking. However, the fact that they have created a sympathetic portrayal of Mormons in their new Broadway play The Book of Mormon is something South Park fans might be shocked to discover.

Though the musical play is definitely a tongue-and-cheek criticism of Mormonism and all mainstream Christian religions, the production has high production values, brilliant musical composition thanks to Parker and Stone’s collaboration with Robert Lopez of Avenue Q (the one with all the swearing puppets), and a mainstream pathos that even non-South Park followers can appreciate.

The play tells the story of two young Mormon missionaries who travel to Uganda to help poverty-stricken and oppressed locals, armed with only scriptures and positive thinking. You might think that the play is a one-note joke in the same spirit as the “All About Mormons” episode of South Park. However, the play has received critical acclaim, as well as 14 Tony Award nominations.

To anyone who has followed the careers of Parker and Stone and has noticed their gradual Mormon fixation (multiple references abound in their TV shows and films), this is a must-see production. Parker and Stone have admitted to being well acquainted with the religion back in Colorado, Parker even having dated a Mormon woman who allegedly broke his heart. It might also surprise Parker fans to know that he studied music prior to the South Park phenomenon, which explains his knack for catchy lyrics.

The team’s efforts in The Book of Mormon are far from cheap paper cutouts and political vulgarisms. In The Book of Mormon, the real life Stan and Kyle get downright philosophical without ever losing their comic edge. With numbers like “All American Prophet”, “Joseph Smith American Moses”, and “Spooky Mormon Hell Dream” serenading you throughout the evening, this production is sure to be an innovative comedy experience! What do you say…have you seen The Book of Mormon yet?

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