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Carmelo Anthony Demanding Trade

Trade rumors abound – and today it’s all about Mello.  Carmelo Anthony, currently of the Denver Nuggets, is being reported as wanting out of Denver.  The frontrunner, as it stands, are the New Jersey Nets.  While the 26-year old has garnered attention from several other teams, including the New York Knicks and the Chicago Bulls, sources cite it is more likely that Anthony will – if traded – go on to the Nets.

Is he Mellello like Jell-ell-o, or cool like lemonade? For us everyday Joes, a three-year $65 million contract would be a dream. Anthony, however, is expressing minimal interest in the Nuggets deal, and is seeking the greener grass.

At least he’s vocal about it with his team – and the media.  Some are comparing the Nuggets trade demand to that of LeBron James – former Cleveland Cavalier and current member of the Miami Heat.  However, Anthony is not demanding a prime-time special.  Then again, Anthony doesn’t have multi-million dollar offers coming in, hand over fist.

The big question here is this:  Do athletes automatically deserve the opportunity to carefully select his/her next employer – on national television?  Surely, if any Joe is unhappy in his job, he looks for another – and waits until the perfect (and done-deal) opportunity presents itself, prior to announcing his resignation.  Are athletes entitled to leave their employees waiting, only to be notified of their departure…on national television?

Cleveland Cavs fans, having not much else to hold on to, hit the streets in droves on LeBron’s day of “TheDecision”. Unfortunately, many thought that the native son would stay with the Cavs, in the hopes of actually bringing a championship to the city.  The reality was, in fact, that James slapped the struggling metropolis in the face, on national television.

Is this the new wave of the future?  Do athletes – or ANY employee, for that matter – have the right to do so?  Would Michael Jordan, Larry Bird or Magic Johnson have ever done the same, if they were faced with today’s immediate ability to communicate with “the public”?

Certainly, NBA fans have their opinions, and we’d like to hear them!

The 2009-2010 Basketball Season

The Philadelphia 76ers will adorn new uniforms this year, Flip Murray will sign on as guard for the Charlotte Bobcats per a one year contract, it Is possible that LeBron James will go to the New Jersey Nets, and Minnesota Timberwolves center Mark Blount has been given the walking rights to seek a trade despite being the second highest paid athlete on the roster. This is just a tiny glimpse into the goings on throughout the NBA today, and there is, as always, so much more to it all than meets the eye.

Both Nate Robinson and David Lee are in the final stages of contract negotiations which will place them on the roster for the New York Knicks during the 2009-10 season. You got it, the Knicks are on a championship hunt this year, and have thus far been willing to throw in enough playoff incentive money to prove it.

If you’re wondering who the most watched and respected team is coming into this exciting season of professional basketball, you need ponder no longer. The general consensus is that the Denver Nuggets could go all the way this year, and there are few who can give good reason as to argue against this predetermination. Of course, this is the NBA, a stage where anything can, and probably will, happen.

Fans are getting antsy and jumping on the first opportunity to buy tickets to their favorite games.  We all want to know how this one is going to play out, for current news and information on your favorite sports and events, as well as secure online ticket purchases, please visit

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The Boston Celtics With A Few Bones To Pick This Year

This season’s tickets are bound to sell like hotcakes, though a few standout games are bound to garner more attention and a faster rate of sale than others. Old arguments, new rivalries, and a competitive nature that spans back over 6 decades, the Celtics are looking at another great season of fiery, fierce, action-packed basketball against some of the most winning and deserving teams in the league. Will you be there?

For starters, the Boston Celtics will face their seven-game rivals the Chicago Bulls for the first time since the Celtics knocked them out of the run during the first round of the finals. The Bulls, we are quite certain, have not forgotten this defeat, but more likely have learned from it and allowed it to guide their training leading up to this year’s season. This big game takes place at the Celtics on October 30th.

On a reverse of the aforementioned scenario, the Celtics will host the Orlando Magic on November 20th, and this should be a very deep and telling game of the wills. Some roster changes have caused the Magic to gain experience, while the Celtics have earned the ignorance and power that is young new blood. The Celtics were dashed during their own game seven effort during the Eastern Conference Championships last year by the Magic, so this should be a great first tip off.

This is also the first year as a Celtic for ex-Piston player Rasheed Wallace, making the April 4th tip off between these two teams something to see. The Pistons weren’t necessarily on fore last season, and have since landed some big names and new tricks to their roster. All tickets for Boston Celtics tickets 09-10 season are on sale, and remains your secure and informative online ticket source.

New Home For The Orlando Magic Set To Open In 2010

The Amway Arena has played host to the NBA basketball team the Orlando Magic since 1989. This impressive streak, however, is about to come to an end. As of next year, the Orlando Magic will have a new home.

Starting in 2010, this NBA basketball team will begin playing in the brand new Amway Center. The plans for the construction of this arena were part of a $1.1-billion improvement package that also contained plans for making improvements to the Citrus Bowl and building a brand new performing arts center. Of the impressive amount mentioned, $480 million of that was set aside for the construction of a new arena.

Though there may be sentimental value attached to the current arena, it was past time for a change. There have been discussions to completely refurbish or demolish the TD Waterhouse Center since as early as 1999. The current home of the Orland Magic ranks near the bottom in the list of NBA arenas as far as overall capacity and luxury. After 7 years of discussions, an agreement was reached; a final approval was given in July of 2007, and ground was broken for the new arena in 2008.

Many fans are excited about the opening of the new arena in the not-too-distant future. This new sports and entertainment venue will contain flexible seating arrangements which can be altered to hold more or fewer spectators, depending upon the event. For NBA games, the Amway Center will be set to hold up to 18,600 fans.

Not only will this new venue be set up with seats for fans, but it will also house 60 private suites, 4 bunker suites, 4 party suites, and 2 super suites. These suites will be spread out across two levels, and contain a total of 1,400 club seats and 68 loge seats. Plenty of seats means plenty of Orlando Magic tickets will be available for fans to purchase at

View the Full Orlando Magic Schedule

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