William Shatner is coming to Broadway!

He may have started off as Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise, but now he’s mostly known for that charming, quirky personality. And whether he’s playing Denny Crane on The Practice or just showing audiences weird and wacky things on Weird or What, Shatner’s own unique personality shines through. Now, Broadway audiences will get the chance to sit through two hours of Shatner’s personality as he’s bringing his own one-man show to the big stage!

Shatner may seem like an odd choice for the Broadway stage, but it’s actually where the actor began his career over 50 years ago. But the audiences of “Shatner’s World: We’re Just Living In It,” won’t be able to tell any time has passed at all, as Shatner will recount experiences he’s had with fans while promoting his books.

The show comes at a time when Broadway had a spot to fill after Private Lives starring Kim Catrall, had its show scheduled to be cut short on December 31. The show will begin running in February before going on a 15-week national tour; but people are already talking that this show is going to be such a hit that it won’t be long before it comes back to Broadway for a longer sting.

First Hugh Jackman and now William Shatner, looks like one-man shows are coming back to Broadway! Who would you like to see in a one-man show?

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