Roundabout Theatre to Revive “Dinner with Friends”

Being set up on a date by friends is something that rings familiar to so many ears. But what happens when that setup turns into marriage, and then divorce? That’s just the question that Donald Margulies puts to the task in his play Dinner with Friends that will be a part of Broadway‘s Roundabout season in 2013-14.

It is over dinner one evening that two married friends explain to the married couple that set them up in the first place that their marriage is crumbling. This has a drastic effect on the two friends still happily married, and it brings about a conversation entailing heartache, love, passion, and of course the inevitable question of what will happen to their tightly-knit friendship now that two of them are breaking apart. No casting has been announced as of yet, nor have the theaters that will play host to this play next year. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t already have some pretty big names behind it.

Those are Pam MacKinnon, who’s directing the play and has been nominated for a Tony for Claybourne Park; and of course the Pulitzer Prize winning writing of Donald Margulies. The play is touted as being “wryly funny” and “richly layered,” and will certainly have audience members thinking about the many different paths in life, those taken and those less traveled — and the journeys each has to bring.

Without a venue or a cast, tickets won’t be on sale for this one for a while. Just like all Roundabout plays however, subscribers will be the ones to have first grabs at them when they go on sale!

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