Rachel York is Cruella DeVil in 101 Dalmatians the Musical

This classic tale was first published as a book, then was animated in 1961, and soon became one of the most beloved dog-advocate stories of this century. The Dalmatian was originally bred over three centuries ago as a fearless, tireless, and ever loyal canine member of fire, police, and militia groups who needed accompaniment through turmoil and social unrest.

As the years sped past and the world begun to realize that fires could actually be extinguished by hauling water to the spot of the smoke, the Dalmatian became just the rescue and alarm dog that the world needed. Ms Cruella, however, developed different ideas for the striking, telltale coat of this faithful service dog, according to Dodie Smith, and begun stealing them in order to make stylish rugs and coats. We despised Cruella some 48 years ago as an animated tyrant, and Ms. Rachel York is really working hard to ensure that we despise her just as much for the next 40.

The stage production of 101 Dalmatians the Musical is set to kick off during mid October in Minneapolis, we are given the fourth take on this beloved tale by Tony award winning writer and director Jerry Zaks. In this stage performance, humans will be cast as the main Dalmatian characters, while rescued Dalmatians of the canine variety are offered walk on and fill in roles as part of the show.

This dog’s-eye-view of 101 Dalmatians has got the country buzzing with excitement, and all signs point to immediate and astounding success. We may even be able to prompt a few more venues, if all goes well. For 101 Dalmatians tickets, secure purchases, and up to date information and scheduling quotes on the show, please feel free to visit StubPass.com

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