Joffery Ballet’s Human Landscapes Are an Amazing Human Experience!

Chicago is a city filled with wonderful experiences.  If you live in the city, or plan to visit in the fall of 2012, then don’t miss out on an amazing event for the eyes and ears the Joffery Ballet: Human Landscapes.

This is a company that is known worldwide for its amazing visions of dance.  Human Landscapes is sure not to disappoint.  It is broken into three distinct pieces: Forgotten Land, Pretty Ballet, and The Green Table.  It is being held at the Auditorium Theatre at 50 East Congress Way in Chicago, Illinois.

Forgotten Land is choreographed by the great Jiri Kylian, with the music of Benjamin Britten.  This dance has been inspired by a painting by Edvard Munch.  This painter was most famous for the painting “The Scream”, but the dance was actually inspired by another of his works, this one of women on a beach.  It deals with themes of motion, how the waves of the beach manage to erode the shore and also renew it.  It is sure to be a fluid and enchanting treat for the eyes.

Pretty Ballet has been choreographed by James Kudelka, with music by Bohuslay Martinu.  It is set in four movements and can be hard to put into words.  It truly is something to be experienced firsthand.  Watch as moods themselves take the stage, seem the change and flow before your eyes, see the dreams, see the framework of ballet, see the very muse at the heart of it.

The Green Table is choreographed by Kurt Jooss, with the music of Fredrick Cohen.  This is a dramatic piece with an anti-war message at its heart as it shows the high price paid by all that engage in it.  This year marks the 80th anniversary of the piece, but it is timeless as the message is as true today as it was in 1932.  It is a stunning dance, and one not soon to be forgotten.

Joffery Ballet: Human Landscapes is sure to be a highlight of your fall this year.  Book your tickets early as the show is only scheduled to run until the end of October, and the best seats are sold out quickly!

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