It’s not Christmas without A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story began showing on Broadway on November 7 and audiences only have a chance to see Ralphie nearly “shoot his eye out” for a few more weeks, as this one wraps on December 30.

If you’ve seen the movie, you know how this one turns out. Ralphie gets his tongue stuck to an icy pole, the entire family still makes a mess of dinner at a Chinese place, the big pink bunny still makes an appearance, and Ralphie still gets his BB gun. Much of it is done by 12-year old Johnny Rabe that pulls off a brilliant Ralphie with each and every performance, as well as Joe West who steps in for the role on alternating evenings.

Erin Dilly dons the role of Ralphie’s mom, the first to warn him that he’ll “shoot his eye out” with the beloved BB gun; and Zac Ballard plays the role of Ralph’s little brother Randy. The play also features Eddie Korbich as the Santa Claus that gets Ralphie all tripped up on his Christmas list, Dan Lauria as Jean Shepherd, and John Bolton as The Old Man.

This isn’t the first time the story has made it onto the stage. In 2011 it was on tour before settling down in Chicago for a small run. Now after seeing the success on the Chicago stage, it can be seen at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre on Broadway.

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