Finally Fiona is back on the Road!

Fiona Apple is not one to succumb to pressure of any kind. Not having released an album since 2005, it was no wonder that fans became so excited when iconic music producer L.A. Reid announced that the singer was going to be coming out with an album in a few weeks. But not even Mr. Reid can get Fiona to release a record before she’s ready; and it wasn’t long before someone from Epic Records released another statement saying that Reid’s comments were taken out of context, and that the record wouldn’t be out until later this year. And we’re getting no further word than that.

But even if Fiona’s taking her time she’s also not one to disappoint fans, so she’s going to give fans a taste with a small tour this spring. Starting in the middle of March and running for about two weeks, Fiona will stop in seven cities that have been announced so far. It has been five years since Fiona Apple has gone out on the road though, so hopefully she figures out how much she’s missed it and tacks on a couple of more dates for her awaiting fans!

There’s no word yet on whether or not Fiona will be playing some of her new tunes or not, though it’s usually standard form for artists to when they have an album soon to be released. But fans will undoubtedly be able to catch some of her classics like “Criminal” and “Fast as You Can,” which should be enough in itself for any Fiona-starved fan!

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