Billy Crystal to Reprise One-Man Broadway Show One Last Time

It hasn’t been on Broadway in nearly ten years. And since that time it’s been a touring show in both America and Australia, and has been turned into a book. Now, Billy Crystal is putting on his one-man show, 700 Sundays, one last time; and he’s doing it where it all started. That’s back on Broadway.

The title is inspired from the fact that before his father’s death, Billy spent nearly every single Sunday with him. This being the only day of the week that Billy’s dad had off from work, he grew up looking forward to that day — and those times — more than any other of the week. The story of Billy spending time with his dad, and eventually losing him to a heart attack when Billy was the tender age of 15, is what 700 Sundays revolves around. Now, the Tony award winner wants to bring it back one final time.

“I’ve now decided to tell this story one last time in my own backyard, where it all took place,” Billy said when talking about the show. “It is a privilege to return to Broadway to say goodbye to one of the greatest thrills of my life.”

The show already has previews set to being on November 5 at the Imperial Theatre, with the official opening night being scheduled on November 13. From there, the show will run until January 5.

When 700 Sundays was last on Broadway for the 2004-2005 season, it won a Tony award for special theatrical experience. It’s also the highest-grossing non-musical production in Broadway history. To be a part of it, just one more time, book your tickets today!

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