Shawn Michaels Injects Some Life into the Nash/HHH Feud

Leave it to a “showstopper” like Shawn Michaels to interject some life and vitality into Nash and Hunter’s weird angle thus far in the WWE.  Perhaps what this feud needed was a little “flare” (that’s flare, not Flair) to start a fire.  The WWE’s latest angle of “The Kliq reunited is only going to work if the stakes have changed.  Not much has changed from Triple H’s end–he remains a heel of the utmost degree, while Nash continues to cross the line into both good guy/bad guy territory, with gratuitous
Vinnie Babarino-esque expressions of frustration.

No wonder WWE writers sent Michaels, the unstable element, into Nash and Triple H’s strange, on-air concoction, which somewhat resembles a feud.  Thus far, a lot of the angle has seemed like reality show “soap” more than an intense WWE-style rivalry.  Even up to the latest on-air incident, the energy was awkward, with all three Kliq members sharing “very special” feelings and vague resentment, and making offers to Nash for a WWE-dominating team up.

Here’s the secret–or so, many pundits believe.  The WWE is surely setting up the return of the NWO and or D-Generation X, as this story just seems too small at the moment.  Word is, the WWE is pushing the feud back to the Royal Rumble, which is a big event and which directly leads into the biggest event of the year, WrestleMania in the spring.

The question is, how will the angle unfold?  Will Nash and Shawn team up for the first time and either reignite an old stable or form a new team altogether?  Will Triple H suddenly be placed in the role of face, if Shawn and the ex-Diesel (who were actually friends before Triple H came along) start their shenanigans?  Or will Triple H and Nash turn on HBK and have HBK subjected to cruelty from the worst of DX and the NWO simultaneously?  Final scenario: Nash plays the victim as both Shawn and Triple H turn on Big Daddy Cool and beat him senseless in a throwback to DX vs. the NWO of the 1990s era.

Writers and bloggers are suggesting this feud could be really good or really bad, depending on whether they allow the performers to continue adlibbing about hurt feelings, or if a major double cross is in someone’s future.  Bet on the latter, as this is shaping up to be a major feud, not just a minor quibble.  What do you think?

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