The Magical 26 Race Marker: The Chase to the NASCAR Cup is On!

For those of you who have not diligently followed NASCAR over the past five seasons, The Chase was implemented after several points blowouts that seemed to steal all of thunder out of the years’ final and most exciting races. It used to be that each racer was awarded points based on their performance and placements in each race from the beginning of the season. This so often caused a huge gap between the leading racer and the followers along the points scoring area that most fans and racers alike had already predicted the winner of the NASCAR Cup by the 26th or 27th race of the season. This predictability was taking the excitement and competitiveness out of the final runs, making it necessary to add a fair but exciting twist to the scoring agenda.

The Chase is really like the playoffs that you will find in just about every other sport on the planet. Where once the points accumulated throughout the entire year determined the cup winner, now the points accumulated during the first 26 races will determine the 12 finalists who qualify for The Chase leading to the NASCAR Cup Award Ceremony. The top twelve points scorers during this 26 race stint will be leveled out at a score of 5,000 points each, earning 10 additional points for each race won from this point forward.

In addition to this, the 13th runner up is offered a $1 million bonus and a place at the awards banquet at the close of the season. This entire shifting has caused a whole other level of excitement for both driver and fan, meanwhile garnering more attention for the sport and more fairness out there on the track. For ticket and event information, as well as secure online ticket purchases, please visit

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