Bolt to Make History in the 100 and 200 Meter

Tonight Usain Bolt will try to become the first person to ever win the 100 meter and 200 meter in consecutive Olympic Games. But before he does it, he’s going to have to defeat his teammate, Yohan Blake. Blake has beaten him twice at the Jamaican Nationals for the same event; and is typically much faster, even though it was Bolt who set the world record of 19.19 and the Olympic record of 19.30. And let’s not forget, after what we saw when Bolt ran the 100-meter on Monday, that cold hard determination.

Bolt has already set the stage between Blake and himself for tonight’s event. “I’ve told Yohan that the 200 meters is going to be different because the 200 is my pet event. I’m not going to let him beat me again.” But it’s not a matter of giving Blake anything. While Bolt has had some issues with his back and a tight hamstring, he seemed to more than overcome them when he ran earlier this week. Still, Blake will be coming up from behind, and that could be the nail in Bolt’s coffin once again between these two runners.

It’s happened before. It was during the trials in Jamaica that Bolt held the lead, only to have Blake take it away and outrun him. If that doesn’t happen though and Bolt wins, Blake may have no one to blame for Bolt’s grit except for himself. “He (Yohan Blake) said, ‘Usain, this is an Olympic year. Wake up,” said Usain. “So I’m happy and I’m grateful for that moment because after that I refocused and I got my head together and I got my head in the game.”

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