Pinching It Out In OT: The Steelers Take The Titans

This had been projected as a tough game form the start, and it turns out the two teams ended up with a battle of the defenses right to the nail-biting, pulse-pounding end. Both teams were held scoreless throughout the first quarter, with the running game of the Pittsburgh Steelers being foreseen and shut down by the Tennessee Titans for nearly 25 minutes of play. Roethlisberger needed to find a different strategy, and ended up with a winning combination in receivers Ward and Holmes. Once this dynamic passing game was set into motion, Ben was able to throw for 363 yards against the Titans defense, completing 33 of 44 passes.

Though Holmes was good for 131 yards, and Ward for 103, the biggest obstacle on the field continued to elude the team: the end zone. The third quarter would again find both teams with no scoring, and the raging battle between the two defenses continued to hold scoring at bay. With one touchdown and one field goal apiece at the close of regulation play, the stage was set for a 4 and a half minute overtime push toward the ending of the game.

Jeff Reed would win the game for the Pittsburgh Steelers with a field goal kick through the uprights at 4:32 counted on the overtime clock. Once the Steelers were declared the victors and their celebration began, Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher had a few things to say about his teams’ performance and chances for recovery during the remainder of the season. The Titans, according to their coach, are a strong team who missed some vital opportunities and had a field goal blocked, but who are very capable of bouncing right back and winning their remaining games.

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