Looking For Some Absolution In Week 9: The NFL Breakdown

If absolution is what teams and fans are looking for during the heady pairings week 9 has in store, disappointment is sure to prevail. There are some amazing things going on in the NFL right now, a few undefeated teams fighting to keep it that way, and it seems that a few of our professional franchises haven’t even found a rhythm or stride yet. The latter is a mistake of gargantuan proportions, as it will take an enormous string of misfortunes and pandemonium at the top in order for the stragglers catch up now.

Starting with the New Orleans Saints, we can begin to see what an earth shattering season this is turning out to be, the Saints setting out to defend their 7-0 record this week, going against, of all teams, the Carolina Panthers. Now, this might not seem like such a tough endeavor, as the Panthers are 3-4 currently and have lost to teams that the Saints have completely dominated. But there’s just something about this team lead by John Fox that tends to knock the Saints for a loop. Six out of seven consecutive games against the Panthers have found the Saints on the losing end.

Aside from this exciting face-off, we also get to see the Dallas Cowboys take on the Eagles, and it is rather surprising that the Eagles are favored to win this one. The New York Giants are vying for a win over the Chargers this Sunday as well, and are favored to take it with little hassle. Maybe you’re more interested in watching the Buccaneers square off against Green Bay in a game that they are expected to lose. Monday night football heads the Broncos against the Steelers, so keep your schedule wide open for that one. StubPass.com offers the best NFL Football Tickets!

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