Brett Favre: Proud To Be A Viking

It has been official for a little while now, and the signing of Brett Favre to the Minnesota Vikings for the upcoming 2009-2010 football season has been the driving force of ticket sale surges across the country. Currently, the Vikings are ranked as the #2 best ticket sellers in the country, trumped only by the smash Broadway musical Wicked. Why are we so excited about a twice-retired, 39 year old quarterback?

Brett Favre’s long time ex-team, the Green Bay Packers, with whom he quarterbacked for over 15 years, is holding steady at the #4 position for overall ticket sales volume, as the whole of the country wants to get a feel for the Packers without their longtime front man. Favre retired in 2007, hanging up his Packers jersey and his career on one of the highest notes in history. But then, a yanking, a tugging, a pull at his heart.

Favre came out of retirement in 2008, just in time to sign on with the New York Jets for the 08-09 season. This turned out to be a rather disappointing move for all parties involved, and Favre went back into retirement for the winter and spring months.

The stringent and tedious negotiations of this, his second, post-retirement comeback were finally rewarded with a 2 year contract with the Minnesota Vikings at a cool $25 million. Fans aren’t nearly as worried about his paycheck as they are about his arm, however, and preseason statistics aren’t boding too well. But you just never know what’s coming with this miraculous player until he lays it all out there, so either way, football is looking momentous for Minnesota this year. Minnesota Vikings tickets, information, games schedules, secure online sales, and further details are all available at

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