Early Playoff Qualification Doesn’t Help The Yankees Rest Easy

This coming weekend brings the New York Yankees to a triple header against their long time nemesis, the Boston Red Sox. This rivalry is a thing of legend, stemming back for over 90 years, beginning with the sale of Babe Ruth from the Red Sox to the Yankees in 1919. Those of you familiar with the Curse of the Bambino need no further explanation, but for the rest of us, this three game clash is just plain exciting. The winner of this match up will likely be crowned division champion, and the Yankees have expressed their unwillingness to head to the playoffs without clinching the division title.

And who would, after all? Who wants to score a touchdown without reaching the end zone? Who wants to kiss the cup without crossing the finish line? Who wants to stand in a World Series playoff position without earning their division championship? These are the New York Yankees, and their minds are not on the 96 games that they have won this season, but on the ten games left before the playoffs.

Ticket prices have been of great concern this event. The Yankees have earned World Series playoff spots 14 times over the past 15 years, but haven’t managed to clinch the top price since 2000 when they took the New York Mets. Primary and secondary sales for the division and World Series runs will continue to be two of the most active sports tickets on the market. Be sure to stay connected to StubPass.com for up-to-date information and schedules, as well as for all of your secure, online ticket sales needs.

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