Tiger Woods Wins Again!

With Tiger Woods comes drama; that’s something that’s been proven time and time again since 2009. But as he was well on his way to winning the Players Championship this past weekend, it was still ever-present. This time it wasn’t with the women in his life, but rather another player on the course — Sergio Garcia.

Garcia and Woods have had a very public feud for nearly as long as Tiger’s name has been synonymous with the word “drama,” and they both put it on full display for the public this weekend. After Garcia had a disappointing day on Saturday, while Tiger enjoyed a very successful one, Garcia turned to the media to talk about how Tiger had ruined one of his shots.

It was on the second fairway, he said, that he was on his backswing at the par five green, when Woods pulled out his club and started to make his way towards his own shot. He got the crowd going enough to distract Garcia into a bad shot, and that was the one he made. Or at least that’s what Garcia says. Woods later said that he had already been told by the golf marshal that Garcia had made his shot.

The next day though, all seemed to be behind Woods, as he set back out on the course with a mission. He was here once again to win, something he hasn’t done in this tournament in over a decade. Birdying the 16th hole and making par at 18 was enough to do it, and was a dynamic end to an exciting weekend of golf.

It’s true that drama may still seem to follow Tiger wherever he goes. But it’s no longer true that he’s fallen out of the grace of golf, or that he’s even “back” in any form. What is true, is that drama or not, Tiger is still the best golfer in the world. Winning the Players Championship this weekend gave him his fourth win this year, and his seventh victory in his past 21 PGA starts.

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