Van Halen Announces Tour through Video

Who’s aching to see some new David Lee Roth material? We’re right there with you, and that’s why we couldn’t be more excited about the new tour and the new album that Van Halen has planned for release! Of course, Van Halen has released albums in the past, but it’s been over a decade since any new material has been released, and 28 long years since fans have heard that classic rocker voice of Roth. But now, the time has come!

In less than one week, on January 10 to be exact, the band will release the first album off their 12th studio album. That song is called “Tattoo” and it’s just a teaser, not only for their album but for their huge upcoming tour too! That news was announced at about the same time news of the new record was released, and Van Halen announced it in the same fashion you’d expect — through a series of rocker videos set to some of their best songs. The videos don’t actually say too much about the tour, except that tickets for the tour will go on sale on January 10th as well. And yes, that’s the same day you can download the band’s new “Tattoo.”

This album will be the first time David Lee Roth has performed with the band since the album 1984, which was released the same year. Soon after recording that album, Roth left the group and was replaced by Sammy Hagar. Hagar will not be performing, nor will original bassist Mike Anthony, who’s now left the band to play with Hagar in a band called Chickenfoot. But, Alex and Eddie Van Halen will be there along with, of course, David Lee Roth.

A complete listing of dates and venues for the tour has not yet been released by the band, but there are promises that we’ll have those by the time tickets start going on sale. We do know that the tour will kick off in Louisville, Kentucky next month and if you want more information,visit the Van Halen tickets page.

So go ahead and “Jump!” Van Halen is coming soon to a city near you!

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