The Heart Throb And His Trusty Guitar: John Mayer Heading Your Way

John Mayer is not just a guy and his guitar, it turns out, but rather a contributor to several genres of music, and a master of nearly all of them. The John Mayer Trio knew quite a bit of success after John threw it together with two studio musicians who had earned his respect, and this project garnered them five Grammy nominations during 2005. From here, John begun to dabble with many styles of music, even working with and gaining immense respect from rap moguls Jay-Z and Nellie.

Aside from his highly public relationship with classy, beautiful, down to earth, A-List actress Jennifer Aniston, the ex-wife of Brad Pitt, John tends to be a man of few words, and has learned through this very public relationship that the words you do speak are most often the ones that count.

The first leg of the 2010 tour will take place in the UK, where Mr. Mayer will perform four shows between the dates of January 15th and January 19th. From here, he heads back to North America, taking a nearly three week break before resuming the North American leg on February 8th from North Charleston Coliseum in South Carolina. From here, he heads to Alabama, Tennessee, and Michigan, respectively, and then off to Canada he goes.

Three shows in British Columbia will be received before John and the crew head back down to Connecticut, his very own home state, and a few other East Coast performances before the show heads back to Michigan and feels its way throughout the Midwest for a while. The entire West Coast and the south will also see their fair share of John Mayer before the tour closes from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois on April 10th. Please visit regularly for up to the minute news and schedule information.

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