One Man + Two Tours = Owl City

The music is known as electro-pop, and the sound is something that you might expect to hear from a ten or twelve piece studio band, or at least from a keyboard that costs more than the average car. Adam Young started recording his own little ditties and pieces in his parents’ basement as a teenager, a lonely and very antisocial teenager as he would admit. This was his outlet, his muse, and it ended up landing him not one, but two U.S. tours back to back.

The exclusive iTunes release of his first major label single “Ocean Eyes” did surprisingly well for both Adam and the label, selling a respectable 20,000 digital units within one week. Following this up with a little tune that Owl City likes to call “Fireflies”, the results were staggeringly more impressive. The song was purchase 650,000 times within a three day mini-release. This sparked some major interest, as his now adoring public was learning that this was the work of just one young man.

The fall tour kicked off October 13th, selling out nearly all of its projected dates before the tour bus was even under way. After two dates in Washington State and one up in British Columbia, Owl City heads Oregon and then makes his way in a hit-or-miss pattern to close up with three shows in Texas, the final falling on October 31st.

From here, Owl City will take a much-deserved holiday break while gearing up for the newly announced re-tour, scheduled to kick off on January 21st, 2010 from Missouri. This is a tour which is geared toward the Midwest and the east coast, placing shows in Oklahoma, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, 4 in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Arkansas. For up to the minute schedules and ticket sales for all of your favorite events, shows, and sports, visit

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