Motley Crue Sweeps the Concert Arena

It’s time to rock and roll. The summer is never complete until you’ve put on your dancing shoes and kicked into the festive, free spirited celebration of a live concert. And what could be livelier than Motley Crue lining up a tour with get-down, hard-rock beat of KISS?

This heavy metal band, formed in Los Angeles in 1981 is still kicking out the big beat, hammering the heart strings with a style and sound that has captured an International fan club. The Motley Crue has been described over the years as the world’s most notorious Rock Band, which hasn’t bothered them in the least. Their notoriety has brought them eighty million album sales worldwide, with twenty-five million in the U.S.

Asked in July of 2011 during an interview with if the group would be putting out another album, Vince Neil, lead singer for the Crue said, “I’m sure we’re due for one. All of us have been writing individually, I write, Nikki’s been writing, and Mick as well, at some point here, we’ll pull all of our ideas together as we always do, and then we’ll start sorting through it at that point.”

The point is just around the corner. With the VIP packages for their tours going fast, and in some places, already sold out, it should be enough inspiration for the group to put out a brand new album. In fact, they’ve already put together a single, called, “Sex”, which is breaking out on the air waves in major cities.

Motley Crue has been featured on a quite a few VH1 countdown shows. For Greatest Air Guitar Song, they ranked number seven, with “Dr. Feelgood,” while “Live Wire” scorched the sound waves as the number 17 Greatest Metal Song of All Times. Mötley Crüe was ranked tenth on MTV’s list “Top 10 Heavy Metal Bands of All-Time” and ninth on “VH1’s All Time Top Ten Metal Bands”.

Packing hard their anarchistic message in an arena where life is gritty and dirty and rock and roll is king, Motley Crue remains today the spirit of rebellion. Don’t let your summer get you down in mundane waves of traffic jams and work routines. Shrug off your cares and your worries, forget about the staid affairs of your neighbor’s cat, and spend some time jamming down with the best–where music is a live wire that grabs you where it counts and heavy metal is king.

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