Metallica Rocks the International Scene

Don’t let the name fool you.  This heavy metal band is one of the most versatile groups on the scene.  If you think rock and roll music has gone downhill in the face of hip-hop and mainstream be-bop, you haven’t been listening to Metallica.  They may have raised the incidental whiplash incidence rate for head bangers, rocking down to “The More I See” and, “Enter the Sandman”, but such numbers as, “Fade to Black” and “Justice for All” can only be defined as classical rock at its best.

Metallica has an understanding of the rock and roll scene that’s difficult to find among the Johnny-come-lately hopefuls to this get-down era of music pleasure.  It’s really no wonder as these sixties born musicians grew up in a time period when rock was sweeping through the air waves.  With Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, and Led Zeppelin as his guide, guitarist and singer, James Hatfield, shapes the spirit and creativity of the heavy metal group.

Have you ever wondered where those astonishing finger-picking sounds come from?  That would be Robert Trujillo, who more often than not, throws his pick away to finger pluck his way into one of the most exciting bass guitarists in rock and roll history, even playing for a while with the infamous or famous; however you wish to perceive him, Ozzy Osborne, in the mid-nineties.

Lars Ulrich has been listening to the sounds of Ritchie Moore and mind-blowing all-time great Deep Purple since he was ten, driving him into his love affair with percussion instruments.  After eighty million albums sold worldwide, Metallica has gone through a lot of collective and individual changes, but Ulrich remains the beat that leads the band.
Kirk Hammet, lead guitarist, joined Metallica in 1983, replacing Dave Mustaine and smoking down the crowds with his first “Kill ’em All” tour debut.  Never one to limit his instrumental knowledge, Hammet’s self-education has included Blues, jazz and classical styles.

The group is back on tour, burning up the International scene with box-office sell-outs in Mexico City and Canada, with a twentieth anniversary celebration of “The Black Album.”

Concert tickets are also available for the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, but if you’re ready to rock down with the hottest heavy metal group on the scene, you’d better buy your ticket early.  They’re going fast.

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