Lady Gaga Releases New “You & I” Video

With the original release of her video “You & I,” Lady Gaga proved that she can not only be many people, but be them all at the same time. But a month after the original’s release, she’s focused on just one of those people — her mermaid alter-ego. Yuyi.

Let’s look back to the original….

The video for “You & I” starts off with a high-fashion Gaga walking down a countryside road. From there, it goes to Gaga in her purest form — nearly no makeup and just straight, natural hair — playing in a cornfield (in what eerily resembles a crop circle,) with her alter-ego, Joe Calderone, sitting atop of the piano and bopping away as she plays. But while it may all look like a mishmash of the various “stuff” that goes on in Gaga’s head, there is a real plot here.

When talking about the video, Gaga has said that it’s her portrayal of coming back to Nebraska for the one she loves. This explains the large-brimmed black hat and the strappy heels (which have made her ankles bleed slightly,) that we see Gaga wearing in the beginning of the video. And it also explains the love scene in a barn that we see later on in the piece, with her and her Nebraskan lover and Gaga appearing as Yuyi.  Mishmash sure, but organized mishmash at that.

But that was all in the original and apparently, Gaga wasn’t entirely happy with it…..

Perhaps unhappy with the little time spent as a mermaid in the original, Gaga’s now released a newer and shorter version of the video, in which she’s dressed as a mermaid for the entire piece — including gills on her shoulders, neck and face. After writhing around and under a chair for about two minutes, she then is carried off to another Nebraskan shack by hunks of shirtless men. The video is actually backstage footage of the original shooting, but it is a move that hasn’t been done by many artists before. And for hopeful fans, it might be a hint that there’s more behind-the-scenes footage to come from Gaga.

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