Idol Star Lauren Alaina Releases her First Video!

It’s a big day for American Idol stars! While the winner of this past season’s Idol, Scott McCreery, will release his first video later on today, the young lady that stood beside him during the finale released her video for her debut single yesterday. Lauren Alaina, runner-up in the show but already a big star, has just released her video for her song, Like My Mother Does, and it proves once again that Idol is the birthing place of some very big country stars.

In the video, Lauren is seen sitting on the porch of what seems to be her childhood home while video clips and photographs of Lauren and her mother are flashed on-screen. And while it looks like a Mississippi or Tennessee home, the video was actually shot in California with Nashville native, Shaun Silva directing, to give it that authentic Southern flare. The video doesn’t solely reflect on Lauren as a little girl though; we also get clips and tidbits of Lauren in the studio recording her first song. It’s pretty fitting, since Lauren says that she wanted the video to show who she was, who she is, and where she came from.

Lauren says that the video is a tribute to thank the person really responsible for her newfound career, but Mom’s not the only one Lauren wants to thank — she also wants to thank country radio! Lauren said right after the single was released that she was overwhelmed it was being played by so many, and so often, and she was itching to get out there and “personally thank” everyone for all of their support.

Check out Lauren’s new video for her first debut single, Like My Mother Does below; and watch for Scott McCreery’s video, I Love You This Big, below as well!

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