Dispatch Planning First Album in 12 Years, and Tour!

It was sad news to Dispatch fans when they announced in 2002 that they’d be taking an indefinite hiatus, after months of rumors of inner-band conflicts occurring during their Who Are We Living For? tour. At the time, fans couldn’t have expected for the hiatus to go on for over a decade but now after 12 years of being apart, the band has reunited and they’re putting out an album with a tour soon to follow.

The album, called Circles of the Sun, is Dispatch’s fifth studio effort and is currently slated for release on August 21. Nearly just one month later on September 20, the band will launch their tour in Vancouver and will travel around to big stops in the United States including Seattle, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Boston, and Philadelphia.

For nearly the first two weeks of the tour, Sleeper Agent will join the band as their opening act; on September 29, Good Old War will pick up the opening slot and will remain with Dispatch throughout the rest of the tour.

Throughout their hiatus Dispatch has gotten back together a few times to play festivals and one-time events. This tour though is sure to see some of the biggest rock crowds yet. The band’s final concert, one that was held for free and called “The Last Dispatch” in 2004 went down in history as the largest concert in independent music history, with 100,000 people in attendance. While the venues they’re visiting on this tour might not allow for those kinds of crowds, they’re sure to be packed to the rafters on this one!

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