Come Experience the Power of a Green Day Performance

Green Day is on tour, taking their funky, get down, rock styled music to Las Vegas, Washington, San Francisco, and much more.  With brand new music and lyrics, Green Day has been wowing the crowds, showing up recently at New York’s Irving Plaza, rocking down with nearly three hours of hot new tunes and long-term favorites.

Introducing songs from their upcoming album, “Uno!”, they thrilled audiences by mixing in recent hits from “American Idiot” and  classic gold singles from past recording artists, such Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”, Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama” and the Rolling Stones “I Can’t Get no Satisfaction” until the early hours of the morning..

“I’m going to keep playing,” announced Green Day front man, Billie Joe Armstrong, and play they did, while the crowds went wild.  They had barely belted out their first chords from “Welcome to Paradise” before a mosh pit formed among the screaming fans, and bodies began flying through the air.  When one young man, wearing an “American Idiot” tee shirt, crowd-surfed his way to the front and clamored on stage.  To the applause and encouragement of Billie Joe, the Green Day enthusiast leaped from the stage, diving back into the mosh pit.

It’s all in fun and having fun is exactly what a Green Day performance is all about.   The American punk rock group formed in 1987, with Billie Joe Armstrong as lead guitarist and vocalist, Mike Dimt as bass and back up vocalist and Tre Cool on drums, who replaced drummer John Kiffmeyer in 1990.  At that time, Billie Joe and Mike Dimt were only fifteen years old.  They called the band at the time, “Sweet Children”, but dropped the name a year later to keep it from becoming confused with another band that was making the rounds at the time, called, “Sweet Baby”.

By 1990, they were already on the way up with their debut album, 39/Smooth.  They weren’t just rocking nationally, but during the early 1990’s, were getting down with International tours.  Things quieted down for the rock group during the late 1990’s, with hardly a peep heard about them , but Green Day aren’t the type of group to remain quiet long or squeeze out the last penny they can from past successes.  They were busy trying out new sounds, and in the year 2000,    They busted out with their sixth studio album, “Warning” sweeping up eight California Music Awards the following year.

Since then, it’s been one notable album hit after another, making sound waves with “American Idiot” and “Twenty first Century Breakdown”, which was released in 2009.  With these successes under their belt, they began a world tour, starting in North America and reaching around the globe, through the years 2009-2010.  The newest album release, “Uno”, is the first of a trio that appropriately follows as “Dos” and “Tres”.  Performing live in cities all across America, you won’t want to miss this talented and creative group.

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