Christmas From the Heart …Of David Archuleta

First the album, and now the tour. Oh, won’t the teenaged girls across the country think it’s Christmas? Well, it actually will be Christmas, but this year, the screaming, fainting, love-struck girls get to spend it with American Idol runner up David Archuleta, and the tickets are going fast! He is cute as a button, he sings like an angel, and he makes their hearts flutter with butterflies. Christmas means a lot to David, and he intends to share that feeling with his adoring public.

The album, Christmas From the Heart, was released on October 13 and has been a smashing success for the Archuleta team thus far, spurring on the announcement of the tour by the same name which will begin U.S. rounds on November 24th and entertain us all the up until December 20th, just in time for some last minute letters to Santa Claus.

Not being the winner of American Idol has come to mean quite a bit more over the past few years  than it has in the past, as proven by quite a few of the stars that we couldn’t live without these days having been voted off or left standing in second place. David Archuleta has, in some estimations, done just as well for himself as a runner up on the mega-popular show than he could have had he won, and he’s got the fans and sold out shows to prove it.

The Christmas From the Heart Tour kicks off from Salt Lake City, Utah, then takes a giant leap over to Michigan, before boomeranging back over to California for 4 dates. Archuleta then makes his way back across the country through the Midwest, and heads northward up the eastern coast to shut it down from Westbury, New York.

If your a fan of David, be sure to get your David Archuleta Tickets before they are sold out.

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