Check out Taylor Swift’s new Video from “Hunger Games”

Fresh off a performance that got her a standing “O” at the Grammy’s on Sunday, Taylor Swift wasted no time debuting her new video on MTV the following evening. The video is for her song “Safe and Sound,” from the “Hunger Games” soundtrack and while no footage from the movie makes it into the video, lots of little reminders do — and bringing the accompaniment, country duo The Civil Wars is in too!

The video shows Taylor walking through a forest (which is actually a cemetery in real life,) seemingly lost and searching for something. Something, Swift says, that is “no longer there.” And even if there’s no actual footage, there are a few reminders from the book that fans will love. One of those is the mockingjay pin that was given to the main character, Katniss Everdeen, to remind her of District 12, her home that she was taken away from. And those burning trees you see in the video? Yep, they’re in the book too and are sometimes the only refuge the people have against the Capitol.

In the video, Swift is wearing only a nightgown and has slightly disheveled (albeit still beautiful) hair. And as she continues to walk and search, those who have not read the books are given a glimpse into the sadness the story truly entails — especially when Swift stops to reflect and sing while sitting on a gravestone.

To check out Taylor’s new video, you can find it on YouTube below. And, this might not even be the last “Hunger Games” video we get from Swift; she wrote another song for the soundtrack titled “Eyes Wide Open.” Taylor is also joined on the soundtrack by other well-known artists such as Miranda Lambert, The Civil Wars, Arcade Fire, and Kid Cudi.

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