Baauer’s ‘Harlem Shake’ Reach 400M YouTube Views

YouTube is the go-to place for artists to promote their material and try desperately to attain that “viral” status that is now so coveted. And, just as the world is starting to let go of the chart-topping hit “Gagnum Style” and the dance that goes along with it, there’s a new craze in town. It’s called “Harlem Shake” by trap producer Baauer and thanks to YouTube, it’s now landed on Billboard’s Hot 100 list.

The song consists of very few lyrics, but a techno beat and tons of digital scratches that will quickly make it as big a club hit as it is a YouTube Sensation. Recently reaching over 400 million views on the video social network, it was this feat that caught the attention of Billboard. Just last week Billboard announced that they would now be including YouTube streaming data that’s based out of the U.S., on their charts. And the number of views he’s received equates to 262,000 video influenced sales on the charts.

It’s an incredible amount of attention for the producer, and to think that it’s for a song that he released last May. Now he’ll not only join the list of new YouTube sensations such as Psy but also Rihanna, who’s “Stay” is also currently on the charts; and Drake, who just reached the top 10 with his “Started from the Bottom.”

Now all that’s left to do is for even more fans to watch the YouTube video, and then join the millions already creating their own versions of the “Harlem Shake!”

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