Aerosmith Tour Will Highlight The Summer Events In Music

Regardless of their age, Aerosmith puts on one of the best shows in Rock and Roll when they are on stage. Fans will be glad to know that much of the drama that has been taking place lately has been put to rest and the dates of the tour have been announced. While the Cocked, Locked and Ready to Rock Tour will not currently hit the United States, UK and European fans will have their pick of events to attend.

The tour itself seemed to be in question, at least the part about Steven Tyler being the front man. Let’s be honest, it would hardly be the same type of show if he was not doing his thing on stage. There seemed to be quite a bit of animosity that had built up and the situation seemed as though it was going to lead to a new front man for Aerosmith.

Tyler’s antics have become legendary, and so has his drinking. Much of the current problems are rooted from the 2009 tour with ZZ Top. It took about 5 minutes for Tyler’s fall during the show to go viral. His little slip caused quite a stir, not to mention the financial loss for the band because they had to cancel the rest of the tour while Tyler recovered. They were made worse by his selfish disposition afterwards and it seemed like the rift would finally rip the band apart.

Now it would appear that everyone has kissed and made up as the dates for the upcoming tour have been announced and the promo shots have everyone in good spirits. Of course, they can all put a cute face on for the cameras when they have to if necessary. It all comes down to what is going to make the most money and put people in the seats and with Tyler on the front, they are pretty much assured of a sell out every night.

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