Patch Adams Must Have Taught Robin Williams Something

New York is honored to present a post-open heart surgery Robin Williams back for 7 more nights of Weapons of Self-Destruction. This is such amazing news for those diehard fans who have been worrying, praying, and sending Robin all of their best throughout news of the surgery and recovery. If there were ever any truth to that “laughter is the best medicine” adage, he would most likely be the one to prove it. His fans like to think that he has proved that very thing, with this New York commitment to keep us in stitches.

Robin Williams just finished his Weapons tour, when it was announced that he would be performing at the Town Hall in New York City during November. The exact dates for this engagement are slated for a two day opener on November 23rd and 24th before running through November 30th until December 3rd. The Weapons of Self-Destruction Tour launched in September of 2008, and will have reached 40 venues by the time it comes to a close in October. As with nearly everything that this endearing, insanely addictive comedic genius touches, most of these performances were sold out months in advance.

Robin Williams is 58 years old, and during the spring Florida stint of the Weapons Tour, he begun to have episodes including shortness of breath. This lead to the cancellation of that string of shows before the frightening and shocking announcement that he would undergo open heart surgery. What begun as a temporary glitch wound Williams up in the hospital undergoing emergency aortic valve replacement surgery. This had been his first live tour schedule in over 6 years, and Williams obviously has no intension of letting it be his last. The tour has been acclaimed and received extremely well by fans and critics alike.

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