Like Comedy? Daniel Tosh Dishes Up Laughs on Tour this Summer

When you think of stand-up comedy, you often think of sarcastic commentary with a focus on things everyone can relate to. That is after all, why people love stand-up performances so much. Now that Daniel Tosh has announced his “The June Gloom Tour,” audiences looking for a good belly laugh will be sure to get just that — from the host himself that’s got a biting tongue spewing such charming barbs!

Daniel Tosh will begin “The June Gloom Tour” in Salt Lake City on May 30, and from there he’ll travel to over 25 different cities all throughout the United States. It will take him right to the end of June, where he’ll play in West Palm Beach on the 30th. But just what gloom will he be spreading? Everything that you’ve come to love watching his Comedy Central TV show, “Tosh.0,” including social commentary on celebrities, pop culture, and maybe even some video clips along the way. (That is, after all, what he’s known best for.)

But Tosh will be bringing along a guest with him, too, Jerrod Carmichael, who’s made a name for himself on the Laugh Factory and also performs stand-up comedy that’s very much in line with Tosh’s.

If you’re looking for something to mix up all the different concerts and festivals this summer, get your tickets now for “The June Gloom Tour,” presented by the one and only, Daniel Tosh!

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