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Michael Jackson – Not The Tour We Were Hoping For

The sudden and perplexing death of Michael Jackson on June 25th, 2009 marked a day that would forever change the world of music. With his concert tour “This Is It” in full-fledged preparation for launch just three days later in London, the shock and instant outpouring of love and sadness created a frenzied storm for his music, his posters, books, pictures, home videos, and really anything else that the world could clasp onto now that he would never dance or sing for them again.

The Michael Jackson Memorabilia Tour will also commence in London, and under the same management firm who was to pull off Jackson’s final concert tour. There are three venues set for the tour to date, though the only one officially announced to the public is the first London exhibition. Here, fans and his beloved public will be closer than they ever thought possible to Michael Jackson, one more time.

Though the contents of the tour have not yet been announced to the public, there are a reported 3 warehouses full of concert props, personal effects, and collections for the executors and promoters to choose from. The tour is sure to be an all out success, and is slated for launch around the October debut of the film that is being comprised of Michael Jackson’s final rehearsal and preparation days for “This Is It.”

AEG is the leading promoter to the Jackson legacy, and it seems that they will remain involved no matter how Jackson’s family feels about it. We can only hope that the Michael Jackson Memorabilia Tour will make its way over to America before it’s all over. For updates on the whereabouts and destination schedules of this event and the movie release as they develop, visit

A Fond Farwell – A Tribute Concert Fit For The King Of Pop

Once home to Emperor Franz Joseph, Vienna’s breathtaking Shoenbrunn Palace will once again play a part in history, only this time it will be a part of music history. This majestic building has been chosen as the backdrop to what organizers are calling a “global” farewell tribute to Michael Jackson.

The tribute to this legendary performer will be nothing less than, well, legendary. When asked to comment about the upcoming event, World Awards Media GmbH, the promoter, said: 

“For one incredible night Michael Jackson’s unforgettable music will be brought to life again. Some of the world’s leading artists will perform Michael’s greatest hits live in Vienna in front of one of the most fascinating historical sites in Europe and celebrate the life of the ‘King of Pop’.”

While the event’s organizers wouldn’t confirm rumors that U2, Madonna, Lionel Richie, and Whitney Houston would be performing at some point during the tribute, they would confirm that Michael’s brother Jermaine Jackson and other members of the family would be performing some of his hits.

The exact date of this event has not been announced, but World Awards Media chief Georg Kindel did say that the event is set to be held during the first part of September. While the venue the tribute event will be held in has enough space room to accommodate up to 85,000, there turn out is expected to spill out across the city. In order to allow all of the fans to enjoy the event, giant screens will be set up in parks throughout Vienna.

Fans that purchase tickets to this musical milestone will get double the satisfaction from their purchase. Not only will they be able to band together with fans and admirers alike to bid a final farewell to the King of Pop, but a portion of the proceeds from the concert are going to the Larry King Cardiac Foundation. This foundation is set up to help patients that need heart surgery but are unable to afford it.

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