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Disturbed Announces Band will Take “Indefinite Hiatus” After August’s Line-Up

For reasons that the rumor mill is dubbing “internal conflicts,” the band Disturbed has announced that after the few shows that they have left from now until the end of August, they will be taking an indefinite hiatus. Rumors just started swirling last week that the band may break up, when a fan asked the band’s lead singer, David Draiman, directly about the future of the band. Draiman replied that although the future of the band is uncertain, they are definitely planning on an “indefinite hiatus” after their August shows; he declined to give any further comment as to the reason for the break.

Right now, Disturbed is in New Jersey alongside Megadeth and Godsmack for the 2011 Mayhem Festival. Once that wraps up on August 14, the group will travel to South America to play a few dates there; after that, the group will be on hiatus.

Katy Perry Slams High School Crush At Concert!

This all happened at Katy’s high school, Dos Pueblos, near Santa Barbara, CA. Katy Perry burned her high school crush at the concert who “never wanted to date” her after seeing him in the front row.

“Is that Shane Lopes?” she asked the crowd at Dos Pueblos High School. “You were the most popular kid in my class. But you never wanted to date me…”

Katy continued with look who’s “most popular” now and then dedicated the next song to him: Ur So Gay. This is hilarious because so many people can associate with being ignored by someone back in the day. Oh how it would be great to have the star-power Katy has! Click the screen below to see the video!

Katy has an album that is planned to release in 2011 called Teenage Dream. Check out this link when the Katy Perry tickets are released for her upcoming 2011 tour.

If you have any similar experiences you want to share with us because we all have them; 🙂 just leave it in the comment section below! Hope to hear from you’ll!

No Bird of Fortune for Kings of Leon

Last week, fans were outraged when the Kings of Leon abandoned the stage after only three songs.  Shouting obscenities and demanding refunds, St. Louis concert-goers had no idea why the quartet left the stage so quickly.  The culprit?  Pigeons.  More specifically, pigeon poop.  And lots of it.  CNN reports…

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Aerosmith Tour Will Highlight The Summer Events In Music

Regardless of their age, Aerosmith puts on one of the best shows in Rock and Roll when they are on stage. Fans will be glad to know that much of the drama that has been taking place lately has been put to rest and the dates of the tour have been announced. While the Cocked, Locked and Ready to Rock Tour will not currently hit the United States, UK and European fans will have their pick of events to attend.

The tour itself seemed to be in question, at least the part about Steven Tyler being the front man. Let’s be honest, it would hardly be the same type of show if he was not doing his thing on stage. There seemed to be quite a bit of animosity that had built up and the situation seemed as though it was going to lead to a new front man for Aerosmith.

Tyler’s antics have become legendary, and so has his drinking. Much of the current problems are rooted from the 2009 tour with ZZ Top. It took about 5 minutes for Tyler’s fall during the show to go viral. His little slip caused quite a stir, not to mention the financial loss for the band because they had to cancel the rest of the tour while Tyler recovered. They were made worse by his selfish disposition afterwards and it seemed like the rift would finally rip the band apart.

Now it would appear that everyone has kissed and made up as the dates for the upcoming tour have been announced and the promo shots have everyone in good spirits. Of course, they can all put a cute face on for the cameras when they have to if necessary. It all comes down to what is going to make the most money and put people in the seats and with Tyler on the front, they are pretty much assured of a sell out every night.

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The Teen Queen of the CMA’s

A young, proud, and stunning Taylor Swift took the stage for three big awards at the CMA’s last week, finally accepting the coveted Entertainer of the Year Award from presenter and fellow musician Kenny Chesney. Unlike her experience at the VMA ‘s some months ago, Taylor was the very deserving and well received winner over some of her most important idols. This 19 year old country music superstar is fast becoming a household name, crossing over seamlessly onto the light rock and pop charts with four of her last 5 singles.

Taylor Swift’s crew have announced an extensive and long lived touring schedule for the up and coming road trip entitles The Fearless Tour. With the great success of her Crossroads endeavor with one of her rock and roll idols Def Leppard, she has absolutely nothing to fear indeed. A big, bad rapper couldn’t get the best of this girl, a songwriter extraordinaire by the age of 15 who broke onto the country scene with a little ditty called Tim McGraw, which would wind up at number one within one week and remain there for nearly five.

The Fearless Tour kicks off from Europe, beginning in the UK on November 23rd and carrying out just two performances before heading off to the land down under for an extended stay and 7 shows. Once Australia has had their fair share of Taylor, wrapping up from Adelaide on February 12th, she heads back to North America, takes an over two week break, and sets off through Florida for the American leg.

From Florida, the Fearless Tour hits 22 states, many of them, such as Texas, being offered multiple shows during separate stops along the way. The tour finally winds up in Washington, DC, on June 2 for one last performance. No Canada shows have been announced as of yet.

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The Tim McGraw Tour Extends To 2010

The final tour date for the 2009 calendar year happens on November 12th at the San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino in Highland, California. After this, Tim takes a long deserved break to be the family man that he is at heart before taking back to the road beginning in April of 2010. Tim McGraw and fellow country music superstar wife Faith Hill have been married since 1996, when their first tour together ended. During that tour, Faith Hill was the opening act for an up-and-coming Tim, but this is when everything changed in both of their worlds.

Falling in love and getting married turned out to be just the first two blessings for these star struck lovers. The arrival of their first baby girl would be the next beautiful surprise for the couple, and they would follow this up with their first smash duet, Let’s Make Love. Faith beginning a predestined path toward individual stardom in her own right, Tim McGraw was far from finished capturing his signature sound and captivating his soon to be mega fan following.

By 2000, Tim had planted his sound and his style firmly in the fabric of the radio waves. Every single hit that he produced went straight from the country charts top fives to the pop charts top tens, and this pattern continues to follow him to this very day. Tim McGraw also went out on a limb after his 2002 tour, heading back into the studio to record an album with his tour band, the Dancehall Doctors. This move turned out very well for everyone involved, and two consecutive smash albums have been created in the same fashion.

Tulsa, Oklahoma will see the first of Tim McGraw live in April of 2010, as he heads form there to Ohio, Georgia, California, and then Indiana. Please stay tuned to for current updates and news.

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Bon Jovi: Back To The Old Tricks They Are So Good At!

The Circle is Bon Jovi’s eleventh studio album to date, as well as being the fifth one released during this decade. This excludes any individual projects undertaken by the band’s members on a solo basis, of which there have also been quite a few. These guys just aren’t willing to hang it up, and we couldn’t be more happy about that. As maturity and an entire world of new sounds and techniques catches up with the four original band members, their music finds dimensions and tones that will simply inspire you. Always the perfectionists, this newest album has introduced another producer to the team that is Bon Jovi.

The Circle was released in Germany during October to a whirlwind first push, and became available in the United States on November 2nd, followed by passionate reviews and kicking off a tour announcement that has longtime fans awestruck and in tense anticipation for this highly in-demand event. The tour is absolutely guaranteed to produce a great deal of sold out venues before the band even hits the open road. This has been the case in the past, and Bon Jovi has stated their readiness for a very long and intense series of shows.

Seattle, Washington will be the first North American city to get an ear-and-eyeful of Bon Jovi’s Circle Tour antics, sure to be some of the finest on the planet come February 19th, 2010. From here, the band heads to California for one date, over to Arizona for a show, and then back to Cali for four in a row. So far, over 60 venues have been announced, touching nearly all 50 states, and the projected windup of the tour is set for July 30th from Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. The boys say they wouldn’t mind extending this tour, as long as demand holds strong.

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The Heart Throb And His Trusty Guitar: John Mayer Heading Your Way

John Mayer is not just a guy and his guitar, it turns out, but rather a contributor to several genres of music, and a master of nearly all of them. The John Mayer Trio knew quite a bit of success after John threw it together with two studio musicians who had earned his respect, and this project garnered them five Grammy nominations during 2005. From here, John begun to dabble with many styles of music, even working with and gaining immense respect from rap moguls Jay-Z and Nellie.

Aside from his highly public relationship with classy, beautiful, down to earth, A-List actress Jennifer Aniston, the ex-wife of Brad Pitt, John tends to be a man of few words, and has learned through this very public relationship that the words you do speak are most often the ones that count.

The first leg of the 2010 tour will take place in the UK, where Mr. Mayer will perform four shows between the dates of January 15th and January 19th. From here, he heads back to North America, taking a nearly three week break before resuming the North American leg on February 8th from North Charleston Coliseum in South Carolina. From here, he heads to Alabama, Tennessee, and Michigan, respectively, and then off to Canada he goes.

Three shows in British Columbia will be received before John and the crew head back down to Connecticut, his very own home state, and a few other East Coast performances before the show heads back to Michigan and feels its way throughout the Midwest for a while. The entire West Coast and the south will also see their fair share of John Mayer before the tour closes from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois on April 10th. Please visit regularly for up to the minute news and schedule information.

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The Night That the Lights Went On in Nashville

Well, Nashville, and all across the greater North American continent. Reba McEntire and George Strait have compiled some tour dates on this double header that are sure to a smile the size of Texas on a great many fan faces across the country. All of the greatest hits from the past four decades will be featured live, up close, personal, and in that classic Reba style that electrifies and intoxicates. The debonair and charming presence of George Strait is sure to compliment the stage, making this a dynamic dup not to be missed.

The brand new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas will be christened by this show, and this brings great pride to Reba McEntire’s home state. This will be the first event aside from a football game that the venue will see, and it is pretty safe to say that this show will be a hard one to overshadow in the minds and hearts of true country music fans. With the Queen and King of the whine and twang at center stage for an unforgettable evening, this one will be hard to top.

The tour begins on January 22nd  from the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland and begin its great trek across the United States, wrapping up on April 10th from the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa. There are many stops and performances between these dates, including those in Nebraska, Omaha, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, just to name a few. As more tour dates and venues are added, will be the first to bring them to you. This 2010 tour is believed to be capable of major and quick sell outs, so getting to these tickets as fast as possible should be a priority for those who can’t stand the thought of missing this one.

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Storming The Country in Early 2010: George and Reba

The official announcement has been made, and all we have to wonder about is whether or not these two will bring their thrones along for the ride. The current reigning King and Queen of country music, George Strait and Reba McEntire , are set to launch an unforgettable double-header tour on January 22nd. This enormous act will begin from the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland, heading southward down the East Coast from there to Virginia, working their way out west to wind up in Los Angeles, before wrapping it all up on April 10th, 2010 from the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa. Further details will be described in full as the tour schedule unfolds.

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On another genre completely, one the world’s most beloved and mesmerizing violinists, Andre Rieu, has announced a gigantic extension schedule to his current year’s roister. The Dutchman plans on at least 70 international performances during the 2010 calendar year, spanning the globe from Australia to Germany, Belgium to The Netherlands, and France back to Germany again.

Pink has also announced a few additional dates for her tour, extending her international concert plans, and this will reportedly keep her busy overseas well into June of 2010. Pink has been experiencing sell out after sell out, both on this continent and in Europe, and she will continue to rock it until everyone seems satisfied. After all, isn’t that what being a megastar is all about? Get Pink Tickets now for her additional tour dates!

Vampire Weekend is set to launch 8 UK dates on February 17th, beginning in Cambridge and winding them up on February 16th from Brixton, England. Grizzly Bear has also announced a bridge-year slot of shows to launch in Europe, beginning on November 4th, 2009 in Manchester, England and wrapping up from Debaser Medis in Stockholm, Sweden on November 26th. Please be sure to visit for updates and secure online ticket orders.

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