Bon Jovi: Back To The Old Tricks They Are So Good At!

The Circle is Bon Jovi’s eleventh studio album to date, as well as being the fifth one released during this decade. This excludes any individual projects undertaken by the band’s members on a solo basis, of which there have also been quite a few. These guys just aren’t willing to hang it up, and we couldn’t be more happy about that. As maturity and an entire world of new sounds and techniques catches up with the four original band members, their music finds dimensions and tones that will simply inspire you. Always the perfectionists, this newest album has introduced another producer to the team that is Bon Jovi.

The Circle was released in Germany during October to a whirlwind first push, and became available in the United States on November 2nd, followed by passionate reviews and kicking off a tour announcement that has longtime fans awestruck and in tense anticipation for this highly in-demand event. The tour is absolutely guaranteed to produce a great deal of sold out venues before the band even hits the open road. This has been the case in the past, and Bon Jovi has stated their readiness for a very long and intense series of shows.

Seattle, Washington will be the first North American city to get an ear-and-eyeful of Bon Jovi’s Circle Tour antics, sure to be some of the finest on the planet come February 19th, 2010. From here, the band heads to California for one date, over to Arizona for a show, and then back to Cali for four in a row. So far, over 60 venues have been announced, touching nearly all 50 states, and the projected windup of the tour is set for July 30th from Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. The boys say they wouldn’t mind extending this tour, as long as demand holds strong.

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