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Like Comedy? Daniel Tosh Dishes Up Laughs on Tour this Summer

When you think of stand-up comedy, you often think of sarcastic commentary with a focus on things everyone can relate to. That is after all, why people love stand-up performances so much. Now that Daniel Tosh has announced his “The June Gloom Tour,” audiences looking for a good belly laugh will be sure to get just that — from the host himself that’s got a biting tongue spewing such charming barbs!

Daniel Tosh will begin “The June Gloom Tour” in Salt Lake City on May 30, and from there he’ll travel to over 25 different cities all throughout the United States. It will take him right to the end of June, where he’ll play in West Palm Beach on the 30th. But just what gloom will he be spreading? Everything that you’ve come to love watching his Comedy Central TV show, “Tosh.0,” including social commentary on celebrities, pop culture, and maybe even some video clips along the way. (That is, after all, what he’s known best for.)

But Tosh will be bringing along a guest with him, too, Jerrod Carmichael, who’s made a name for himself on the Laugh Factory and also performs stand-up comedy that’s very much in line with Tosh’s.

If you’re looking for something to mix up all the different concerts and festivals this summer, get your tickets now for “The June Gloom Tour,” presented by the one and only, Daniel Tosh!

Aging According to Jim

Jim Belushi is a consummate comedian. He can joke around about anything. His recent comment in the Chicago Sun-Times is just a sampling. He proudly admitted to being a pill-popper. For an entertainer, that is probably not an unusual admonition. Being in his 50s, you’d probably assume that the entertainer had done more than his fair share of pills. Then he went on to explain the comment with his laundry list of medical complaints that required daily medications.

Not funny? That’s what makes Jim Belushi’s special brand of comedy so wonderful. He can take the things that make most of us wince and bring humor to them. He makes us smile at his and our own difficulties and short comings.

Born in 1958, the 58 year old Belushi is a native of the Chicago area. Born and raised in the near suburb of Wheaton, he went to high school there and then went on to the College of DuPage and finally Southern Illinois University at Carbondale graduating with a degree in speech and theater. He cut his comedy teeth at the famous Second City comedy club from 1977 to 1980. Jim wasn’t alone in his quest for success in the entertainment field. Big brother John Belushi paved the way for the young Jim, also starting out as a comedian at Second City and making a huge splash as one of the sunglass wearing Blues Brothers. However, Jim had to find his own path after his big brother met an untimely death at the very young 33 from a hard life of real pills and a variety of other drugs and alcohol. Jim did indeed go on to make his own stamp on the business and find a way to make his goals a reality

For years Mr. Belushi has covered every area of entertainment from movies and sit-coms to his marvelous stand up shows. He’s been a fairly regular on the iconic Saturday Night Live and has been in movies such as Trading Places, K-9 and Curly Sue. Even though he’s numerous movies have made him a formidable force as an actor, he has also enjoyed long standing popularity for his TV series, “According to Jim.” You can check out Jim Belushi’s Chicago great comedy style at a Chicago area performance at the beautiful Rialto Square Theater right here.

Come Hear “Old Jews Telling Jokes” Live!

The title sounds like a Curb Your Enthusiasm riff, but Old Jews Telling Jokes is actually a new show on stage, having exploded in New York after a successful web series launch. The first episodes of Old Jews Telling Jokes launched as a web show in 2009. Over the course of three years, it has received millions of unique viewers. The creators (Sam Hoffman, Eric Spiegelman and Tim Williams) have also traveled to the likes of Los Angeles and Boca Raton.

Before heading to the New York stage, the show was converted to print and published as a paperback book. Besides the famous kvetching title, the included subtitle read “5,000 Years of Funny Bits and Not-So-Kosher Laughs.” Besides a book, this humble production has also gone on to do a DVD, two audio books and a successful BBC series.

Now, the show comes to fruition by making it to the Off-Broadway stage! In May 2012, Old Jews Telling Jokes will play at the Westside Theater. What can you expect from this production live and in person? Obviously, it will feel like the original web series, if you have ever had the pleasure, and will consist of elder Jewish men and women (meaning over the age of 60) telling his or her favorite joke.

The Off-Broadway production was created by Peter Gethers and Daniel Okrent and directed by Marc Bruni. However, this production is more than just the usual meshugass. The show features five actors in a revue who are reinventing and paying tribute to classic jokes, as well as funny songs that fit right in with the theme.

The play is recommended for mature audiences due to language, and very young children are not permitted admittance. The official press release for the production is, “If you’ve ever had a mother, visited a doctor, or walked into a bar with a priest, a rabbi and a frog, Old Jews Telling Jokes will sit in the dark, give you a second opinion, and ask you where you got that!”

If you’re tired of all this new age entertainment with the 3-D and the vampires, then why not come enjoy a show that’s sure to give you a good laugh?

Tracy Morgan – A Fearless Comic

Every time Tracy Morgan looks at the camera the laughs erupt, whether you’re watching him on a rerun of Saturday Night Live, a hosting gig on Scare Tactics, or on the NBC show biz sitcom 30 Rock. It’s hard to imagine taking Tracy Morgan too seriously even if he has an aggressive voice and enjoys plays hard-boiled characters. He’s all bark and very little bite, and is never above showing the vulnerability and “softer side” of his mad comic persona.

Morgan lasted eight seasons on Saturday Night Live but longtime fans may remember him from the Fox sitcom Martin. His character of “Hustle Man” sold all sorts of questionable merchandise “from the hood”, and had the catchphrase “What’s happ’n, chief?” (He also had the “rapper dog”) It is amusing to see Morgan making occasional references to Martin, including the Chris Rock film Head of State.

Tracy Morgan may have a softer side but the rough exterior is as real as you can get, as his upbringing was troubled, to say the least. He was also the victim of bullying as a child and actually used his comedy as a defense. He was first discovered by Martin Lawrence’s ex-wife doing standup comedy at The Apollo Theater in 1984. Now 43 years of age, Morgan is a comic veteran and a household name. Quite the prodigious end for a man who once worked as a painter in New York City!

Despite being a successful comedian and actor, Morgan still makes time to go on the road and mingle with his biggest fans. According to his Twitter account, Morgan is “touring 5,000 cities worldwide.” He also said “You guys are the greatest!!! Errrrrbody’s gonna get pregnant. Baby-boom-boom tour! I love you.”

Yes, it’s a joy to behold Tracy in person as he cracks jokes, shares life stories and mocks the business like only he can. Of course, this veteran performer is anxious to prove that he’s far from a one-note wonder. Just witness his upcoming dramatic role as a drug dealer and kidnapper in Predisposed, where he will be working with Melissa Leo and Jesse Eisenberg.

John Leguizamo Live and in Living Color

You may need sunglasses just to watch John Leguizamo in person, the energetic, intense and very often hilarious actor-comedian. Leguizamo has done it all in show business, starring in serious films like Al Pacino’s Carlito’s Way and of course, as a memorable drag queen in To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. However, Leguizamo is not just a star of the month celebrity–he’s been a Shakespearean-level actor for over 20 years.

His first foray was into theatre was Mambo Mouth, which he wrote and starred in as seven different characters. That got him the attention of Broadway and Hollywood. In 1993, he would follow up with Spic-O-Rama, a show spoofing Latino stereotypes. In 1998, he got personal with the show Freak, which detailed his troubled life experiences. It was so successful the play as even turned into an HBO film by famed director Spike Lee. His next two adventures were Sexaholix… A Love Story and Klass Klown, both semi-autobiographical one-man shows.

Leguizamo is a man who has experienced great hardship as well as great rewards, and it’s hard to imagine him not being outspoken, funny and dramatic, considering his life thus far. Most recently, Leguizamo has been starring in the show Ghetto Klown and has toured everywhere, from Toronto, Canada to Broadway at the Lyceum Theatre. He is still touring with the show, and plans to start an international tour in late 2011 to 2012.

Leguizamo’s act is universally praised by theatergoers and stage critics alike, as he is just loads of fun to watch and listen to in person. Together with the fact that he is not fronting but actually talking about his past, present and future uncensored, makes this a dynamite show. Come see why John Leguizamo is such an asset in Hollywood and in Broadway. He may look young and take those twenty-something parts, but at almost 50 years of age, he is no “kid.” In fact, we’re pushing for an Academy Award win for this long overdue thespian, certainly one of the same caliber as Johnny Depp and Leonardo Dicaprio. He is a master of the craft of acting and performance and his in your face comedy/drama stylings will leave you feeling exhilarated!

Turn Off the Radio and Come Watch Dennis Miller Live, in Person!

Perhaps it is for the best that Dennis Miller is no longer performing on Saturday Night Live, as this newly converted Republican would probably rub liberal Hollywood the wrong way. Indeed, Miller’s politics and his wonderfully acerbic wit stand out like an elephant in the writer’s room, and there is no one else quite like him.

You may remember him from his HBO comedy series and as the anchor for Weekend Update in the 1980s. However, during the last few years Miller has been ranting on radio, as he is now the host of Westwood One’s Dennis Miller Zone, available as live stream and as a subscription-based archive. Miller averages 1,740,000 weekly listeners.

Before he became a witty political commentator though, Miller was a highly respected comedian. He was and is well known for his laid-back style and his brooding sense of humor. His trademark is the “rant”, an artsy diatribe with stream-of-consciousness prose delivered as a fast-paced monologue.

Dennis Miller does stand out from many of his SNL alumni, as he is part of a small group of un-closeted Republicans and isn’t afraid to talk politics and criticize the left. And though stories of his post 2001 conversion do get around, some of his friends and colleagues express a lack of surprise at Miller’s current political angle. Al Franken (“Stuart Smalley”) speaks on Miller, suggesting, “What happened to Dennis? Nothing happened to Dennis. He’s the same Dennis. He’s always had a conservative streak on certain issues.”

Politics and radio chat aside, what can you expect from Dennis Miller when you come see him in person? He often tours on the road and plays in Las Vegas, and when he does, he delights his audience with a mix of old and new material, though he can’t quite break away from political jokes. Regardless of your political bent, you will get a kick out of Dennis as no one else in the comedy circuit is capable of delivering such acidic and literate observations and in such a funny way! Hear one of his “rants” in person and see why he made Saturday Night Live history.

Tyler Perry: A Man That Transcends Race and Captures the Essence of American Culture

Tyler Perry made his name and his career by connecting with black audiences and black culture. That stint as “Madea” only helped to put his name on the map. However, in recent years, Tyler Perry has taken his once ghettoized plays and movies and brought them into mainstream consciousness. Perry doesn’t just shock like Spike Lee or John Singleton, nor does he clown around like the Wayans Brothers or Chris Rock. He really transcends race and captures the true spirit of Americana. One of his biggest successes was producing the Best Picture nominee Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire. He truly did the unprecedented and combined comedy and drama for a number of family-oriented features–stories that were not just about race but the American experience.

Despite his new success as a filmmaker, Tyler Perry is still sticking to his roots as a playwright. Many of his feature length films actually started as plays and were then adapted for the screen. His first production as a youth was “I Know I’ve Been Changed”, a community theater production that dealt with Christian themes and abusive families. Despite the production’s poor performance, Perry kept on, and eventually retooled the play until it received mainstream acceptance. Perry has since made more than $100 million on Broadway, which doesn’t even count his movie or merchandise profits.

His newest feature written for the stage is another comedy drama, this one entitled The Haves and The Have Nots. The play begins by observing a wealthy family who has everything. The family seems preoccupied with the peripherals of life until they become involved with a plot involving their poor housekeeper. Eventually, they are forced to see how the other half lives. However, the spiritual journey to come is the real issue. The play actually features dialog and music written by Tyler Perry, and some great performances by singers and comedians.

The production has received excellent reviews and is helping to cement Tyler Perry as one of the most popular artists of the new millennium. Come learn something about life by seeing one of Tyler Perry’s soul stirring plays in person!

Who is the Real Daniel Tosh?

Daniel Tosh has done the unthinkable, and has made an iconic name for himself even in an ultra-competitive standup scene. Tosh’s act is not only funny, but also wildly subversive, risqué, politically incorrect and downright bizarre at times. Imagine the social satire of Lenny Bruce or George Carlin crossed with the irreverence of David Letterman, and you’ll come something close to Tosh’s act–except that Tosh is definitely a comic of the new 2000 era.

The quaint young man, 36 years of age, has been entertaining his entire life, though he only recently found his way as a successful comedian. Being the son of a preacher man, Tosh likely used his humor as a defense, as an act of rebellion, and possibly even as a survival tool growing up in Florida, which he calls “flat, hot and dumb.” It is easy to observe his educational background from his literate style of comedy; Tosh graduated from Astronaut High School in 1993 and the University of Central Florida (with a marketing degree).

One of his first jobs was working as a telemarketer, which he approached with sarcastic embrace. (“Fifteen dollars an hour to annoy people!”) Tosh flailed in the “real world” but found an opportunity in standup comedy. His big break was appearing on The Late Show with David Letterman, as well as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Following his broadcasts, he lined up a number of comedy specials and developed his “shtick”, a cynical and often times dark-humored worldview that truly captured the essence of 2011 thinking.

His show Tosh .0 is considered edgy to say the least, and often features punch lines that could easily be misconstrued racist, sexist or homophobic. However, Tosh states that it’s all in good fun, and that humor sometimes comes from very dark places. Tosh is actually the unofficial king of the Comedy Central network, as his show often defeats both The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (as well as The Colbert Report), making it the highest rated show that’s not South Park or at least another South Park-inspired cartoon.

Here’s an example of Tosh’s bizarre and twisted sense of humor. He claims that come his 38th birthday, he will either commit suicide or “retire to the beach.” He has started an official countdown to this esoteric landmark, labeling it as when “Daniel’s Groundhog Day Ends.”

See Daniel Tosh in person! This is one comic that lives up to the hype!

Patch Adams Must Have Taught Robin Williams Something

New York is honored to present a post-open heart surgery Robin Williams back for 7 more nights of Weapons of Self-Destruction. This is such amazing news for those diehard fans who have been worrying, praying, and sending Robin all of their best throughout news of the surgery and recovery. If there were ever any truth to that “laughter is the best medicine” adage, he would most likely be the one to prove it. His fans like to think that he has proved that very thing, with this New York commitment to keep us in stitches.

Robin Williams just finished his Weapons tour, when it was announced that he would be performing at the Town Hall in New York City during November. The exact dates for this engagement are slated for a two day opener on November 23rd and 24th before running through November 30th until December 3rd. The Weapons of Self-Destruction Tour launched in September of 2008, and will have reached 40 venues by the time it comes to a close in October. As with nearly everything that this endearing, insanely addictive comedic genius touches, most of these performances were sold out months in advance.

Robin Williams is 58 years old, and during the spring Florida stint of the Weapons Tour, he begun to have episodes including shortness of breath. This lead to the cancellation of that string of shows before the frightening and shocking announcement that he would undergo open heart surgery. What begun as a temporary glitch wound Williams up in the hospital undergoing emergency aortic valve replacement surgery. This had been his first live tour schedule in over 6 years, and Williams obviously has no intension of letting it be his last. The tour has been acclaimed and received extremely well by fans and critics alike.

If you are looking to attend, let us know! You can get Robin Williams Tickets on our website at

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