John Leguizamo Live and in Living Color

You may need sunglasses just to watch John Leguizamo in person, the energetic, intense and very often hilarious actor-comedian. Leguizamo has done it all in show business, starring in serious films like Al Pacino’s Carlito’s Way and of course, as a memorable drag queen in To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. However, Leguizamo is not just a star of the month celebrity–he’s been a Shakespearean-level actor for over 20 years.

His first foray was into theatre was Mambo Mouth, which he wrote and starred in as seven different characters. That got him the attention of Broadway and Hollywood. In 1993, he would follow up with Spic-O-Rama, a show spoofing Latino stereotypes. In 1998, he got personal with the show Freak, which detailed his troubled life experiences. It was so successful the play as even turned into an HBO film by famed director Spike Lee. His next two adventures were Sexaholix… A Love Story and Klass Klown, both semi-autobiographical one-man shows.

Leguizamo is a man who has experienced great hardship as well as great rewards, and it’s hard to imagine him not being outspoken, funny and dramatic, considering his life thus far. Most recently, Leguizamo has been starring in the show Ghetto Klown and has toured everywhere, from Toronto, Canada to Broadway at the Lyceum Theatre. He is still touring with the show, and plans to start an international tour in late 2011 to 2012.

Leguizamo’s act is universally praised by theatergoers and stage critics alike, as he is just loads of fun to watch and listen to in person. Together with the fact that he is not fronting but actually talking about his past, present and future uncensored, makes this a dynamite show. Come see why John Leguizamo is such an asset in Hollywood and in Broadway. He may look young and take those twenty-something parts, but at almost 50 years of age, he is no “kid.” In fact, we’re pushing for an Academy Award win for this long overdue thespian, certainly one of the same caliber as Johnny Depp and Leonardo Dicaprio. He is a master of the craft of acting and performance and his in your face comedy/drama stylings will leave you feeling exhilarated!

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