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The Collapse And Recovery Of Leonard Cohen On Tour

The date was September 18th, the venue Velodromo Luis Puig in Valencia, Spain. The 74 year old, world renowned performer was up to his same old tricks, dazzling and engaging his enthralled crowd, when he inexplicably fainted at the front of the stage. During an instrumental break in the song Bird On a Wire, which he was performing at the time, Cohen sat on the stage for a little rest, and collapsed.

A panicked rescue ensued as the back up band and entourage raced to the singer, paramedics arriving shortly thereafter. Leonard voiced his desire to carry on with the show, but was taken to a Valencia hospital against that wish. He was treated for a period of 24 hours, and released from the hospital once he cleared the symptoms of food poisoning which was suspected of causing the fainting episode. The Velodromo show was cancelled, with full refunds being offered through the Spain Ticketmaster office.

Cohen’s final show abroad during this tour is a rather controversial though noble one, and will take place on his birthday. The Tel Aviv, Israel concert is to benefit the forming of peace groups between Israel and Palestine. He will then travel back to the US for a short rest before launching a 15 date tour for we Americans to enjoy.

Beginning at the Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida on October 17th, Cohen will continue his tour through until November 13, when he lands his finale show at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California. Before Cohen steps foot back in the US, he will turn 75 years young. For Leonard Cohen tickets and changes on this and all of your favorite events, as well as for secure online bookings and ticket sales, please visit

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