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American Saturday Nights With Brad Paisley

Fans are in a bit of a tangent at present, because the American Saturday Night Tour is set to end within the next couple of weeks. Sold out shows and heavy demand, however, have impressed upon Brad Paisley the need to extend his live tour, taking a small break over the holiday season and hitting the road again during early 2010. See what a little bit of persistence and speaking your mind can do, fans?  The current leg of the tour started back in June and is set for its final show on October 15th at the Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida.

A short downtime stint will refresh the singer, his band and crew, for a re-boost of the tour beginning on January 7th from the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas. From here, he and the gang will twang their way through the southern states before ending once again on March 6th from the Coliseum in North Charlestown, South Carolina. There are a total of 19 dates added to the itinerary for this extension of the Saturday Night Tour, signaling the success of not only the June release of his latest album by the same name, but of his performance and live appeal as the next up-and-coming country music legend.

Set to open for Paisley during this extension are the young Ms. Miranda Lambert and one Justin Moore. The original tour set near-record ticket sales for all 50 shows, some of which are already sold yet though not yet performed. A tour extension has got to be some of the best news that an artist can ever hear while on the road, weary and exhausted from 4 solid months of stage stress. Thus as the rigors of fame, and at least he knows how loved he is.

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