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Controversy + Two Big Stars = Oleanna

David Hughes directs this two character play, acted from the controversial script by Pulitzer Prize winning play write David Mamet. Its first release happened off-Broadway, and coincided with the very public and disturbing Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill sexual harassment trials. This seemed not only to take away from the pungency and validity of the material covered in the play, but turned people off of seeing the play altogether. There was enough of the real life drama on the news to choke a horse with.

This 1992 release, therefore, did little to impress the public, though the play revived nicely during the test performances of September and October of this year, when the theater was seeing top figures and full seats at each screening of the play. Some critics have credited this to the big names who have captured the characters on the stage, namely Bill Pullman and Julia Stiles.

Oleanna touches on the subject of sexual harassment in a reverse theme, where the young, ill-mannered vixen tries to take control over the older man, a professor. Critics have proven to either completely shun it our embrace it open mind and heart, but when was the last time that we really cared about what a critic had to say? They hated CATS when it launched as well, and I think we all know where that went.

The running time for Oleanna, playing at the John Golden Theater on West 45th Street, is said to be one hour and 15 minutes, with no intermission. The play is said to be provocative and controversial, with a minimum of 5 shows scheduled per week. For up to date information about all of your favorite shows, events, performers, and sports, as well as for secure online ticket sales and bookings, please visit with all of your questions.

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